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Is it possible to play at a casino without verifying our address?

In most cases, online casinos require verification of the user’s address. You must provide a document that lists your address. However, there are casinos that do not require this type of verification. There you can play completely freely without sending documents verifying your residence. These casino sites are completely legal, so you can trust them. Payments are also anonymous at them, which is a plus for most players.
And, if by now you don’t know which are the casinos that don’t require address verification, then read our article where we will write more about them. And now, without wasting any more time, let’s move forward so as to give you the most complete information on this important topic.

Which are the best casinos without address verification?

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There are quite a few casino gaming and sports betting sites that will not ask you for an address verification document. These are well-known brands to a multitude of bettors, so you can trust them. In case you don’t know where you can play without verification, check out the list below and choose your site where to enjoy your gambling hobby:

  • Betonline;
  • Cloudbet;
  • mBit;
  • GamDom

What is address verification at online casinos?

Address verification, which is required at many casinos, is the procedure of handing over a document that reflects your address. This can be a utility bill receipt, ID card, passport or other. By submitting the document in question, you prove to the gambling operator that you live at the address you registered with the online platform. In many cases, if you do not verify, you will not be allowed to withdraw your accumulated winnings from the casino games.
On the other side stand the sites without address verification. Very often with these, there are no conditions for entering your exact location when you open an account. In other words, your play is completely anonymous and you are under no obligation to enter any personal details.

Casinos without address verification are legal and have issued licenses. There is no obligation in their policy to identify yourself by posting personal details. Of course, these casino gaming sites also have terms and conditions, but they do not include address verification. Here, we advise players to check the credibility of the casinos by looking for opinions and reviews on the internet. This way, you will be sure whether a casino is legal or not.
Recently, quite a few fraudulent sites have sprung up, so be careful. Above in our article we have listed the legitimate casinos where no verification is required and at the same time you can trust them completely. Of course, these are not the only legal online platforms and anyone can find more operators offering both casino games and sports betting.

Advantages and disadvantages of casinos without address verification

Casino players like to be anonymous. They don’t want to give out their personal details, nor their home address. From this point of view, casinos without address verification are a very good place that gives more freedom to the bettors. There, they get the opportunity to play and withdraw winnings without having to send personal customer information.
A small drawback is that you have to do a full verification before you join a casino site without address verification. There are no few scammers on the net and it is advisable to weed out the real casinos from the fake ones. However, if you open an account at a real online casino that provides services without handing over an address document, you can be completely at ease.

Are online casinos safe without address verification?

Yes, these casinos are safe as there is no leakage of personal data with them. Payments are made in cryptocurrency and digital wallets and only you have access to them. You don’t have to enter credit card numbers, submit invoices with your address, or leave bank details. Most often, these sites use an encrypted connection, and the danger of hacker attacks is kept to an absolute minimum. Therefore, you can trust the legal casinos.

Why do some casinos ask for address verification documents and others do not?

In the policy of many online casinos, there is a requirement for address verification to identify yourself to the operator. The reason for handing over documents with personal details is that the casino wants to make sure that you are the person behind the bank card deposits or bank transfer. However, this is a reasonable approach that deserves respect.
As far as casinos without address verification are concerned, there you do not pay by bank transfer and you do not need to send address documents. You deposit and withdraw in cryptocurrency, so there is no need to identify yourself. The owners of this kind of gambling sites want to provide you with secure payment methods and at the same time guarantee your anonymity.

Final words

Innovations in online casinos are not few. Operators strive to meet the expectations of their customers and do it successfully. Thus, crypto casinos have emerged, as well as those that do not require verification of address, bank card and personal data. All this allows people to be more secure and play without giving out any information about them.
With the introduction of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, you can now be more relaxed about your privacy. We recommend you to check no ID casinos where you don’t have to verify your ID card.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to register at a casino without address verification?

Yes, there is a short registration form where you provide an email, username and password.

Are casinos without address verification fraudulent or legitimate?

In most cases, casinos without address verification are legitimate, but there are also scam sites.

Is it safe to play at a casino without address verification?

If the casino operates legally, it is perfectly safe to open an account and play at it.

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