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No SSN verification casino

No SSN required casino

You can certainly play casino games without a social security number verification. Although there are a number of online casinos that do require you to validate your identity using an SSN and a piece of identification, there are also an emerging number of partners that do not require this type of identity verification. Sharing your information online can be dangerous and posting information about your own personal identification or SSN could leave you open to identity fraud and scams.

For many online casino players there is a barrier to playing online when it comes to verifying their identity. Making the choice to go into an online casino that does not have this form of identity verification will keep it easy for them to play online and not leave themselves open to identity theft.

Which are the best casinos that don’t request SSN?

Bovada no verification casino

Bovada casino

Casino no SSN needed

Welcomes USA casino players with $3750

Instant payouts with no verification no verification casino

BetUS casino

Play casino without SSN

Casino welcomes bonus 250% up to $5000

Reputable online casino since 1994

EveryGame no verification casino

EveryGame casino

SSN no verification withdrawal casino

Casino welcomes bonus up to $5555

Reputable online casino since 1983

Betonline no verification casino

Betonline casino

USA players accepted without SSN verification

Reputable casino established in 2001

100% bonus up to $3000

If you are seeking the best USA no verification withdrawal casino, it is important to consider any of the top options from this list. Choosing any of these top casinos will make sure you can withdrawal your winnings without having to verify your identity or submit a security number. 

Bet Online is a gaming company that is privately held out of Panama. They do not require any type of SSN verification and they offer a wealth of online casino betting, sports betting and horse racing. They have been in business since the year 2004 and come highly recommended by US players who are looking for a safe way to get their winnings paid out without verification and no withdrawal limit. is a gaming site that offers some incredible bonuses to US players. They have been operating for over a decade and offering online casino gameplay as well as sports betting. There are plenty of ongoing promos for players here and there is no requirement on SSN submission for withdrawals on the desktop platform.

Bitcoin casino was established in the year 2017. It features some of the top casino developers across the USA including Gamart, BGgaming, and Betsoft machines. They operate on a cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawl system making the entire platform anonymous. If you use any type of popular cryptocurrency, this is one of the best ways you can play casino games online without submitting identification information.

mBit was founded in 2014 and is based out of curacao. It offers deposits in cryptocurrency as well as withdrawls to crypto wallets. They have a wide range of casino games and favorable deposit bonuses for new players. The casino is well known for US players and it does not require any type of SSN verification to play on the platform.

What is SSN?

SSN stands for social security number which is a crucial piece of identification in the USA. This code is 9 digits and it is an identifier that the government can use to track information and benefits for each US citizen. SSNs are crucial pieces of identification that Americans will need to start new jobs, open bank accounts and perform a variety of functions within their day to day finances.

The original intention of this number was to primarily track earnings but today it can be used as additional identification, tracking credit reports and for monitoring tax each year. US citizens and non citizens looking to open bank accounts, obtain benefits, make major purchases or open a bank account will need to be issued an SSN.  

Why online casino sites ask for SSN verification?

Online casino sites often use SSN for verification to prevent the chance that users can open up multiple accounts and to ensure that every user is paying applicable taxes on their earnings. An SSN verification will protect the rights of the casino and ensure that every user on their platform is making withdrawals legally and paying applicable taxes on earnings from each withdrawal.

Is it legal of the casino to request an SSN?

It is legal for a casino to request an SSN, it is just important to only disclose your SSN with trusted casino brands that also have the right security in place, and an agreement to protect consumer data. Check the reviews for online casinos, check their policy on security and ensure the page is secure in your browser before you submit any personal information.

Why sharing your SSN is not safe?

Your SSN is an important piece of identification. Using this document a person may be able to steal your identity, open up loans in your name or publish your data online. Your SSN could be a gateway to discovering all of your debts, accounts and accessing a wealth of your financial data.

Casinos that don’t request an SSN are still safe and legal. Many casinos that run on decentralized systems or that operate outside of the USA are not required to ask for an SSN and can still operate legally in the USA. Always check into the reputation of an online casino before you deposit your funds and start playing though.


Choosing a reputable online casino that does not ask for an SSN is the best way to protect your data online. You will still be able to see some great winnings in an online casino but you won’t have to risk the potential of identity theft or other risks just to enjoy your gameplay online.


Can I still claim bonuses on casinos that don’t ask for SSN?

Many of the online casinos that don’t ask for an SSN do still offer a welcome bonus for new customers. Choosing the websites that have the best welcome bonuses could put you in an excellent position to see some more earnings and an easier time hitting the big jackpots!

Will I be able to set up multiple accounts on no SSN casinos?

Even without an SSN to verify your account it can be tough to create multiple accounts in an online casino. Most casinos that do not require an SSN also require you to submit phone verification or tie in a separate bank account to the accounts they have on record before you can make a withdrawal. If you are thinking about trying to acquire multiple welcome bonuses, remember that most sites restrict the use of their clients having multiple accounts.

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