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Online casino with no phone number verification

No phone verification casino

Today you can come across many online casinos without SMS verification. These casino gaming sites offer easy and quick registration and do not waste the time of players by burdening them with the obligation to identify themselves by entering a SMS code sent to the mobile phone. These casino platforms are preferred by many as they guarantee anonymity.
In case you haven’t come across casinos without SMS verification, then read below where we will inform you about the best operators that have no claims on you. This way, you will start your game and get rid of the annoying verification requirements.

You get the urge to spin a Roulette wheel on your smartphone or to play some blackjack on your computer, but before you can proceed, you’re greeted with a pop-up that asks you to register and verify your age and who you are by providing a bunch of personal details. Talk about annoying! Not only does it take up a lot of time (time that you could be spending waging your bets), but more importantly, you feel a little distrustful about offering up your personal data. That’s totally understandable, especially when you stop and think about all of the cyberattacks that happen on a seemingly constant basis – and that personal data is gobbled up and sold to multibillion dollar companies for some pretty nefarious intentions.

Be that as it may, consumers of online gambling kind of just accepted that they were asked to provide their personal data and in some cases, even sending in scanned copies of identifying documents, but you, you’re smarter than that, and you definitely don’t want to go through any of that. Sure, you could just skip the online casino scene all together, but before going that route, you may be wondering if there are other options. Fortunately for you, there are! Let’s take a look at some of the alternative options to the established paradigm: online casinos that don’t require phone verification.

The best no phone verification casinos – No SMS casino

Surprisingly, there are actually quite a few no phone verification online casinos, and the following is a short list of some of the best options that are out there.

The majority of online casinos that offer cryptocurrency payment do not have the claim of SMS verification. These brands are known globally and enjoy great interest from bettors. Of course, before choosing a casino, you need to get to know it closely, find out what the rules of the site are and only then sign up.
And, because we wish to be helpful, we will point you to the main part of the verified casino sites where you can register and not go through verification via SMS. You can find casino games as well as sports betting on the online platforms mentioned. All the mentioned sites provide the possibility to pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other types of cryptocurrencies. This provides you with complete anonymity for deposits and withdrawals.

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Operational since 2004, BetOnline is a leader in the online casino industry, and no registration is required. The site offers an impressive amount of 3D slots from one of the best gambling software companies, Betsoft. There are also an array of table games, and poker games. It’s an SSL-encrypted for security by TST, and it always receives great ratings. There are several deposit and withdrawal methods, too, as well as 24/7 customer support.


Cloudbet only makes transactions in bitcoin, which is, of course, the most popular form of cryptocurrency. It has been in operation since 2013 and the site hosts an impressive selection of games, including slots from a variety of credible developers, such as Evolution Gaming, Betsoft, Play’n Go, Microgaming, and Spinomenal. Gaming options include live dealer games, table games, and a video poker games.


Launched in 2014, mBit Casino has established itself as one of the most trusted crypto-based, no phone verification required, casinos. The site takes bets in numerous types of cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Tether. Transfers of crypto are anonymous and allow players to choose from more than 1,000 gambling games, including live dealer games. The site has a great reputation among Canada no verification casino players and is also highly rated by users in Australia and USA.

This crypto-based casino site offers an impressive selection of slot games, as well as an assortment of casino games, such as poker and table games. It’s mobile-friendly and offers impressive bonuses and promotions to users. If you are on the hunt for a unique UK no verification online casino where you can both deposit and cash out winnings in bitcoin, this site is a great choice.

What is SMS verification at online casinos?

Some casino sites require you to enter a phone number where you will be sent a SMS with a verification code. This code is entered in a designated field and only when you enter it will you gain access to the gambling operator’s services. This establishes that you are the owner of the phone number you are registered with.
Many casinos these days want you to verify yourself via SMS. However, this obligation is uncomfortable for some players, as they do not want to disclose their phone number nor receive messages on it. This is the main reason why we wrote the article telling you about the casinos without SMS verification. They are verified and can be relied upon.

Is it legal to play at a casino without SMS verification?

Yes, there is nothing illegal about existing casinos without SMS verification. The idea of the operators is to relieve their customers from dealing with boring and sometimes unwanted procedures. This is the place to write that more and more often we are seeing companies that seek to eliminate or at least limit the long account verification process, and this is well received by customers.
However, we would like to warn readers that there are also scam casinos where they also do not oblige you to go through verification. From this point of view, do not sign up at any casino lest you fall victim to people who want to steal your details and money. Check out the casino platforms suggested above as they are proven to be genuine and legal.

Is it safe to play at no phone verification online casinos?

Some online casinos that don’t require verification are safe to play, while some aren’t; however, the same can be said about online casinos that do require verification. While some may not comply with age restrictions verifications that are required by registration countries, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t trustworthy. With due diligence and discernment, you should be able to determine whether or not a site is reliable.

How to play no verification online casinos

A lot of online casinos that don’t require verification let players gamble without creating an accounting, and they can then settle after each session. Other sites allow users to create a basic account that doesn’t require a strict verification. Still others utilize unregulated currency, such as bitcoin, in order to facilitate and deposit payouts.

Pros and cons of no verification casino games


  • Independent operators. The majority of no verification online casinos function outside of the purview of the major casino conglomerates, which means they don’t have to deal with any of the restrictions that are associated with corporate overlords, which is definitely a good thing.
  • Credit card deposits. It’s pretty much guaranteed that you will be able to find no verification online casinos that will accept your favorite credit cards. It’s important to note, however, that there are some payment card issuers and processors that could potentially block transactions for use with online gambling.


  • No moderation. It’s no secret that gambling can quickly go from an innocent pastime to a seriously addictive habit, and unfortunately, with no verification online casinos, the risk of developing a gambling problem is higher than sites that require verification, as there is no moderation.
  • Support isn’t guaranteed. With these sites, reputation means everything, as support isn’t always guaranteed. With that said, make sure that you pick an online gambling site that has a great reputation for offering customer support, that way, if you end up having any issues, you’ll have help that you can call on.

Advantages and disadvantages of casinos without SMS verification

So far, we have found out that the multitude of players like casinos without SMS verification. However, there are those who prefer to identify themselves through a private message as it gives them more security. Therefore, in the next few lines, we will point out the advantages and disadvantages of casino gaming sites where SMS verification is optional.


  • Easy and fast registration procedure;
  • No need to distribute your phone number;
  • You remain completely anonymous while playing;
  • No SPAM messages sent to you with offers and promotions;
  • You get more freedom, and that’s the most important thing; There are many fraudulent casinos without SMS verification;


  • Some players avoid casinos without SMS verification;
  • These casinos sometimes look very dubious;
  • There are casinos where you will not get a bonus without SMS verification;
  • Generally speaking, this is how we have seen the pros and cons of no phone number casinos that do not require verification by sending a message to the mobile phone. You can make your own judgment whether to trust the gambling operators in question, or stay away from them.

Are online casinos safe without SMS verification?

If there is a well-known company behind a casino site without SMS verification that has a license and has proven its honesty to customers, then there is nothing dangerous in signing up. The absence of verification via private message is not a sign of illegality or danger. Of course, there are always exceptions and for this we have already advised you to be careful.
In case you are wondering which online casinos without withdrawal verification are legal, just take a look at the suggestions above. In order to insert them into the article, we tried to choose proven casinos that have only positive reviews. They are all reputable and operate at the highest level.

Why do some casinos ask for SMS verification and others do not?

There are many operators that require mandatory SMS verification. They have included this identification requirement because they want to make sure who is behind the account created and have a relationship with it. Possession of a phone number is one of the guarantees that the registered player is real and that he is the one behind the deposits and withdrawals on the website.
However, these days, gambling sites want to satisfy their customers’ desires so that they feel comfortable in them. Doing away with SMS verification is a good idea because it saves time and also delegates the right to anonymity that we have already mentioned. Moreover, the so-called crypto casinos offer depositing and withdrawing from digital wallets for cryptocurrency, which in itself, does not involve using bank payments.


If you’ve come across casinos with mandatory SMS verification before and it’s been a problem for you, then this article has been helpful. We have written it to ease customers into online casinos and give them a chance to register with them without delays. However, we appeal to readers to be wise and always research gambling sites.
In the hope that we have been able to help in choosing a casino without SMS verification, we part ways with you. Remember to be restrained with gambling pastimes because they often lead to loss of funds. We wish you luck working on your side and much success!

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for a no phone verification gambling site, there are some great options out there, and the sites that are mentioned above are, what we consider, the best of the best. Just remember that you should exercise due diligence and use your discernment before you proceed to determine whether or not you feel comfortable and confident gambling with a no verification online casino.


Why online casinos ask for phone number verification?

That’s a security measure take by the casino operators to prevent creating duplicate accounts from a single person.

Are the no phone number verification casinos at our site legit and reliable?

Yes, absolutely. We’ve tested all of the casinos that we recommend and you can park your cash securely.

How do I register at a casino without SMS verification?

Most often you are required to enter a username, password and the type of currency you will be betting in. Last but not least, you also enter an email address where they will send you an activation link.

How to recognize a fraudulent casino without SMS verification?

Fraudulent casinos can be recognized by the support. If there are not enough ways to contact the support (email, phone or live chat), then the site looks suspicious.

Can we get a casino bonus without SMS verification?

Yes, most legit casinos will offer you a casino bonus regardless of the lack of verification via a text message. You are simply required to request the offer given;

Are there sports betting sites without SMS verification?

Yes, most casino gaming sites without SMS verification will offer you a sports betting section. Last but not least, you will also find first deposit bonuses and other promotions.

Why play at casinos that don’t ask for SMS verification?

First of all, registering at them is much faster and simply requires an email address. Moreover, your phone number will be anonymous and will not become public.

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