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Sky casino verification

The advancement of technology has created a different kind of world. Traditional games are turned into electronic ones that anyone can earn while playing. As much as we love playing, it is essential to remember that verifying all accounts can secure our data and even our monetary wins in the system.

Sky Casino is one of the biggest and most trusted online casinos with huge revenues and players. As one of the most known electronic casinos, players and account holders wanted to have their accounts verified to make withdrawals and same-day payouts easier and faster. The question is, ‘How to get a verified sky casino account?’

How to get a verified Sky casino account?

Sky Casino is known to be one of the biggest online casinos in Europe. It is available at all hours and has great customer support for assistance and verifications. Thus, being a verified member means you are eligible for more opportunities and game options. Follow the process below.

  1. Take a photo or scan the documents needed. 
  2. Send the scanned documents to the official email address or do an on-site verification.
  3. Wait for a confirmation email from the legit Sky Casino support system.

Sky casino photos and documents to scan

Like any other online verification process, it is ideal to get all documents and IDs needed for the said verification. It is advised to use recent documents that can prove the eligibility of the account holder. Here are the following documents to prepare and scan:

  • Identification Cards. Any identification card that can prove your claims on the data in the account. You can also use your passport or driver’s license for verification.
  • Proof of Address. One must provide proof of the current location as stated in the Sky Casino account. Attached documents might be insurance papers, utility bills, receipts, and bank statements. 
  • Proof of Payment Method. Sky Casino’s customer assistant team might ask you to show proof that you are the person who did the payments. Be sure to get a snapshot of all monetary transactions in case of further account checking. 

Document processing

After getting all documents ready, it is now ready to be sent to Sky Casino’s official email. Of course, one can also go to the customer assistance on the site and go to the verification option in the portal. Sending these documents to the right account will get things easier and faster. Also, you can also do on-site verification by bringing all the needed documents as stated above.

All players and account holders are encouraged to get their accounts verified. It is easier to handle transactions and payments on a verified account. Thus, depositing and withdrawing monetary values will be much easier. 

One can also reach out to the customer assistance team to know about the documents to prepare. Either way, one can be verified as long as all documents are legit and match with the details on the account holder. 

Why do I need to be verified at Sky casino?

The main reason why a player must be verified is that it is one of the requirements of the operator’s license. Gambling licenses exist to prevent any scams and money laundering. This way, the transactions within the site are all dimmed legit and safe. 

But, why does an account holder need to be verified? Of course, there are various reasons why and it is ideal to know these reasons for security purposes. 

  • Ensuring that a person is not involved in fraudulent acts within the system. Make sure that all account holders or players are playing for fun but not for any fraudulent actions. This can help in avoiding scams inside the app or the overall system. 
  • Age Checking. Bear in mind that gambling is a game that should be done by people ages 18 years old and above. Minors are not allowed to play or even create an account just to play your best-loved Dead or Alive 2 slot game and have fun in the system. Verifying accounts means that all players are legally of age and are ready to face the consequence of their own making.

Verification can make all transactions within the app or the system remains secure and safe to all players. It is ideal to know these restrictions to avoid further issues in the future. In short, Sky Casino has all its players verified or checked by trained individuals. Any fraudulent acts in the system are not tolerated and are punishable by the law. 

Does Sky casino requires source of income?

Some players are in need to provide their source of income to ensure that they can provide all necessary monetary charges in the system. Usually, those who want to be a VIP player or a holder are required to provide this type of verification. Source of income is a type of verification for huge amounts of deposits and withdrawals. 

In short, one must provide source of income documents as proof that you can fund your gambling or playing methods. Money from your salary, heritage, business, or winnings must be provided to show how eligible you are to be VIP players. 

Again, this type of verification falls under the licensing agreement of the Sky Casino with Alderney Gambling Control and the UK Gambling Commission. It is also a way to know who you are as you are capable of funding a gambling game. 

Understanding the source of income of a certain player can ensure that the money does not come from any criminal activity. Basically, the Sky Casino wants to know whether you are capable of running or not. 

Who can play or get verified in Sky casino?

Sky Casino originated from the United Kingdom. It was created and funded by the Sky Group and has been one of the trusted online casinos since 2014. Unfortunately, the site is only available across the United Kingdom and will not be accessed by other neighboring countries. Interested players in Ireland, the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, and the Channel Islands can also register in the Sky Casino for free. 


A verified account is eligible to play within the system and will be able to transact his monetary wins anytime. Moreover, it will be easier to deposit and withdraw. Getting all documents ready that match the data in the account will ensure a faster verification process. Be sure to get your account verified before paying in Sky Casino. 

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