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How to play Keno without any kind of verification. Check our list of online casinos to play Keno.

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Keno is one of the most ancient gambling games like lottery and bingo. In recent years, it has gained increasing popularity in online casinos, and is now also available on internet platforms that do not require verification.

Can we play keno without verification – yes, in casinos without verification

Keno without verification

Verification is a process where the player confirms his identity to the bookmaker. Until recently, withdrawing winnings from the casino was unthinkable without customer identification. The entry of cryptocurrencies into the gambling industry and the ever-increasing need for privacy protection has provoked a number of online betting platforms to abolish this process. So to date, customers can enjoy keno and many more casino games without providing ID.

At which casinos can we play keno online without verification?

Casinos without verification are real and legal and no different from traditional online betting platforms. The only difference is that you won’t have to send your ID to withdraw your winnings. Here are a few secure casinos where you can enjoy different keno variants without identifying yourself: Betonline, Wild casino, Cloudbet, Mbit and 7bit.

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What is keno without the verification process

Playing keno is equally exciting in casinos without verification as it is in platforms that require it. Everywhere, it goes as standard – you buy a ticket, bet on a certain number of numbers and expect them to be among the winners. The rules and conditions are the same, so you can safely enjoy this offer without worrying about your personal details.

Rest assured that you will in no way be disadvantaged for choosing a casino that does not verify your identity. What’s more, some online casinos with no verification may save, so you may possibly get an extra incentive from them.

Rules of the keno game

Keno is a game of chance, strongly resembling bingo and lottery. It will not surprise you with confusing rules and complicated strategies. Simply select a few numbers from your e-ticket and wait for the draw. Keep in mind that the ticket price may vary. In some versions it starts at $0.05, in others at $1. The number of numbers you can bet on may also vary.

In the classic version, for example, the customer chooses between 2 and 20 numbers out of 80. Usually 20 winners are drawn. In licensed online casinos, this is done via specialised software that performs the draws randomly. The odds of winning are determined by the number of numbers guessed. The more numbers the customer has guessed and the bigger the bet they have made, the bigger their winnings.

Types of keno

Keno has many modern variations from different developers. Each of them presents a different interpretation while keeping the basic principle of the game.

One of the most famous interpretations is Keno Universe, which is the work of the EGT provider. For example, it pays out between 4 and 10 known numbers. Another popular version is Netent’s Bonus Keno, where the player bets on 10 numbers and expects them to be among the 20 winners. The bonus wild and the possibility of winning a progressive jackpot make this game even more exciting. In RTG’s offer, users choose up to 15 numbers. This variation also features a high return rate. The developments of CryptoLogic, WagerWorks and Random Logic also deserve attention.

In online casinos without verification, you have different types of keno available. What’s more, some of them will also offer you multiple betting options. Apart from exact numbers, you will be able to bet on even and odd numbers or on a specific group of numbers. The possibilities really are many.

Advantages and disadvantages of playing keno without verification

Betting on keno at an online casino that does not require identification has several undeniable benefits. The first of these is privacy protection. Personal information remains protected from hacker attacks or fake casinos. Next – through cryptocurrencies, transactions happen almost instantly and no high fees are charged. Along with this, the customer plays anonymously from anywhere and at any time.

The benefits of playing keno at a casino without verification are undeniable. However, keep in mind that if you win a large amount of money from the game, you may need to identify yourself. Some casinos without verification set limits to which you can withdraw your winnings anonymously. If this limit is exceeded, the customer must provide their personal details. Such limits should be detailed, so we recommend that you read the bookmaker’s terms and conditions beforehand.

How to deposit to play keno without verification – with crypto

Depositing with cryptocurrencies is the easiest way to play keno without verification. Most such casinos work precisely with electronic currency units. The deposit process itself is quick and happens in a few easy steps.

First of all, the customer needs to have a crypto wallet where they can store the bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies they have. Next, he or she needs to visit the online casino and select crypto deposit from the payment methods menu. Next, you will receive a code to enter into your crypto wallet. From there, you should select the amount you want to deposit. The process ends with a transaction confirmation. Thus, with a few clicks, the casino account will be funded, and the player will be able to try their luck at their favorite keno.

A lot of online casino users are so used to the identity verification procedure that the lack of it seems questionable to them. These doubts are unfounded, as casinos without verification are the same as the rest.

They are also licensed by the regulatory authority in the country in which they operate. So if you have any doubts whether a casino without verification is safe, check its license. Keep in mind, however, that a particular casino may be legitimate in one country and not in another. If the site is not banned for your country, you can safely use it. Additionally, you can check the credibility of the platform by researching its online reputation.

Keno bonuses at casinos without verification

Some variations of keno offer extremely attractive bonuses. You can take advantage of all of them despite playing at a casino without verification. Players can access all bonuses without being restricted because of their choice of platform.

The same goes for the promotions that the casino itself organizes. All rewards such as welcome bonus, reload, cashback and others are available to customers without verification. Of course, players have to meet the bookmaker’s requirements in order to receive the respective reward. But their options are the same as in a regular casino.

Final words

Never before have keno fans had such easy, fast and secure access to their favorite game. Casinos without withdrawal verification protect the customer from having their personal data leaked. In the context of ever-increasing stolen data crimes, this is a significant advantage in favour of these platforms. On the other hand, a good customer experience is guaranteed. He can place bets with a few quick clicks and withdraw his winnings within minutes. All these advantages chart the great future of online casinos without verification.


How is the cash in the casino without verification different from the one that requires providing personal data?

The game of keno has several varieties. But whichever one you choose, it will play out the same no matter what casino you bet at.

Can I play keno online if I am underage?

No, gambling is only available to people over 18. If checked, the offender should face a penalty.

Is it likely that I will be asked for ID if I play keno?

Casinos without verification do not require ID. However, when winning a larger sum, the operator may ask the customer to identify himself.

Is it legal to play keno at a casino without verification?

Yes, the casinos without verification are subject to regulation and have a license like all other licensed platforms.

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