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Is verification easy at Bet365?

Yes, verification at Bet365 is easy as long as you follow the steps in this guide. The gambling operator wants to make sure that you are the person who has gone through the registration procedure and entered personal details. Generally speaking, the account verification process is no different from that of other online betting platforms.
It is enough to provide copies of your identification documents to have a successful verification. In some cases, you may be asked for additional documents to identify a bank card or other means of payment, but in general there is nothing complicated.
In the following lines of our article, we will give more details on how to perform verification at Bet365, as we want to be helpful to you. Read what we have written if you don’t want to encounter any problems with verifying the gaming account you have created on the Bet365 website.

Time needed: 3 minutes

How to make easy verification at Bet365?

  1. ✍️ Registration

    Sign up at Bet365 with your name, birthdate and address. Carefully check if everything is typed correctly.

  2. 📤 Upload documents

    Upload photos of your ID front and back. All corners should be visible.

  3. ⏲️ Wait for 5 minutes your documents to be verified

    The verification team should check your docs in less than 5 minutes.

  4. ✔️ Withdraw your winnings

    You’re ready to withdraw your winnings.

What are the Bet365 verification steps?

And here we come to the crux of verification at Bet365. You don’t have to worry about anything, because if you follow the steps we have mentioned, you will be identified to the bookmaker in a short period of time and you will be able to benefit from all its services. And now, without wasting a minute of your time, we head to the Bet365 account verification instructions:

  • For starters, you need to log in to Bet365;
  • From your profile on the top right, click “My Account”;
  • The next step, is to click on “Verification” from the left vertical bar;
  • The first option offers you to upload a photo file of your ID;
  • The second option provides the option to capture the document with a webcam;
  • Choose your way to attach the document photo and confirm the request;
    This is generally how the Bet365 account verification process works. There is nothing complicated and you just need to prepare a two-sided photo of your ID, passport or driver’s license to identify yourself. Working with the system is elementary, as anyone will see for themselves.

What should we be careful not to get wrong?

When handing over a copy of your ID in order to verify with Bet365, you need to be careful about the details. You should submit a double-sided and colour copy of the documents so that you do not get rejected. For this purpose, you can scan your ID/passport or you can take a picture of them with your mobile phone and attach the files in the system.
Before the documents are attached, it is a good idea to make sure that they are legible. It is very important to see your information which includes name, address, SSN, date of birth and so on. If the copy is illegible then there is a risk of the verification being refused.
There are users who are careless about making photos/copies of the documents and later regret getting rejected. However, don’t worry as you can correct your mistakes and reapply documentation to verify on the website.

Is there a possibility that our Bet365 account cannot be verified?

Yes, it is entirely possible that your account will not be verified. We mentioned above that you need to be precise when you take photos of the documents and it is imperative that your identity matches the details you have registered with on the online platform. However, in order not to be silly, we will offer you several options in which verification will be refused:

  • If the copy of the document is illegible;
  • If the copy of the document is not in colour;
  • If the document copy is not double-sided;
  • If the data does not match your registration;
  • When you try to verify with someone else’s data;
  • When the verification document has expired;
    Observe these factors as they are relevant. If you have a question, you can always ask support. The good news is that Bet365 staff will help you complete the authentication process successfully. All of this is only possible if you are honest.

What is the verification time? How long does the process take?

Looking at Bet365’s verification terms and conditions, it is evident that the process takes no more than 48 hours. However, in some cases there may be a slightly longer delay as there are many applicants. Fortunately, so far, users of the betting site are of the opinion that their account verification takes no more than 1 day, which is a sign of timely performance.
In other words, if you do not receive an email confirming or rejecting verification within 3 days, it is advisable to contact the sportsbook and seek the reason for the delay. The online bookmaker’s staff will be kind enough to reply to you immediately.

What documents are needed to verify my Bet365 account?

At the forefront comes the need to add identification in the form of an ID card, passport or driving license. These are the mandatory documents that will help you through the verification procedure at Bet365. However, here it is necessary to explain that the operator may also require additional documents to identify yourself to him.
For example, you may be required to send a document reflecting your residential address and also a photo of the front of a bank card. Rarely, but still, it is possible to ask for a photo of your account in a digital wallet. If the company requests further verification, you will be notified via a message to your email.

What is additional Bet365 verification?

Sometimes Bet365 asks for additional verification documents, but this shouldn’t bother you. You just need to add a few more documents to identify yourself, and it won’t take long. The most common verification they ask for is the so-called selfie verification, where you need to take a picture of your face and body, with your ID card, driving license or passport in hand.
Some customers may also be asked to send a letter to an address. This contains personal details and sometimes photographs. This kind of additional verification is not common, but it is still good to keep in mind. Last, but not least, are requirements to send proof of a paid utility bill, bank certificate or other type of document.
There are quite a few customers who do not approve of the additional verification. However, it is necessary if the bookmaker requires it from you. Therefore, it is better to go through this important procedure as well.

Why does Bet365 ask for additional verification sometimes?

The additional verification is requested in more specific cases. For example, if you have a series of winning bets for large sums or you win a million dollars at the casino, they might look for more ways to verify your identity. Verification documents are also added when you withdraw from your account on a regular basis. Assuming you withdraw every day, then your account is placed under the company’s supervision.
Note that Bet365 charges for all transactions made to your bank accounts and cards. For unusual activity where there are more wins than losses, you may need to verify with additional documents to prove the origin of your account.
This is similar for customers making maximum deposits. This raises some suspicions for the gambling operator and they are obliged to review your status. To do so it will ask for a selfie verification, a letter to an address, a bank certificate or a payment document for a household account. The absence of further verification may cause your account to be limited.

What should I do if I have a verification problem with Bet365?

For those who have followed our Bet365 verification instructions, there are unlikely to be any problems. However, if any do occur, you should not do nothing, but inform the site’s support as soon as possible. This can be done at the support email address or via live chat.
Usually, there may be a delay in reviewing documents and also a lack of any response. Do not hesitate to respond because you have the right to seek a response. Of course, the reasons for the delay may lie in a technical problem that needs to be rectified.
Fortunately, few Bet365 users complain about a verification problem and hopefully you will be among them. We’ve described the whole procedure for you to avoid any difficulties and if any do arise, then the online bookmaker’s staff, will suggest a way out of the situation.

What are customers’ opinions about verification at Bet365 and are there any complaints?

Reviewing the customer reviews about verification at Bet365, we come to the conclusion that complaints are almost non-existent. Yes, indeed some have difficulties with the additional verification and deny it, but these are private cases. In the majority of reviews, approval of the procedure is seen, with players being of the opinion that things happen very quickly, easily and without a problem.
Reading most of the comments about Bet365 verification, there is nothing to worry about. By registering an account with the betting site, you can add photos to your documents directly, using ready-made files or alternatively photos from a webcam or mobile device. More importantly, make sure that the documents are easy to see, in colour and double-sided for approval.

Final words

And that’s the end of our Bet365 verification guide. It tells you how the procedure works and what documents you need to prepare. Yes, there is indeed a possibility that you will be asked for additional verification, but you shouldn’t let that bother you. After all, the company keeps everything in order and every customer is obliged to comply with the conditions.

Frequently asked questions

What if Bet365 does not accept verification?

We advise you to contact the support department for more information.

How do I know if my Bet365 verification is successful?

You will receive an email letting you know if the verification was successful.

Can I not perform verification at Bet365?

If you do not perform verification at Bet365, you will not be able to withdraw winnings from your bets.

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