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In this post, we look at online casinos that do not require ID verification. Such casinos exist and they can save us a hell of a lot of time. We have tested and selected only the reliable casinos without ID verification. We've tested not only the absence of an ID verification but the variety of casino games, the speed of withdrawals, the security, the support and many more other factors.
It is safe to play at these casinos, you only need to stick to our list of recommended casinos.

Find the best online casinos with no ID required. Don't share your ID details in vain. Relax and play without ID verification your favorite online casino games.

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Online casinos without ID verification

No ID casino

These days, there are a lot of players of casino games that are looking for online casinos that do not have an ID verification process. In most cases, an online casino has to abide by KYC (know your customer) regulations where they need to verify the identity of all of their players. Fortunately, there are a growing number of no ID verification casinos available now.

A casino that don’t require ID means that you will be not requested to upload or send your ID card to the casino operator. If you for some reason don’t want to share your ID card that kind of casino is the perfect match you.

Best no ID verification casinos

We believe that players from around the world should have the choice to play at an online casino that does not have a process for ID verification. To help you out, our team of experienced casino experts have reviewed many of the no ID verification online casinos that are around today which allow you to withdraw without sending any kind of documents

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Playing online casinos without ID verification is a great way to enjoy your favorite casino games without the worry of identity theft or fraud. No one wants to risk their personal and financial information with an online casino, but with the right steps, you can play safely and securely without having to provide any personal or financial information.

The problem is that there are some online casinos with no verification that are dishonest and try to con players out of their money. To help you to avoid this, our team have come up with a long list of very tough tests that we use when we are reviewing these online casinos. We have created a list of the best no ID verification casinos that have passed these tough tests:

  • – if you reside in the United States then the BitcoinCasino is a very reutable no ID verification casino that has performed very well in all of our tests
  • – Bovada is another no ID verification online casino that welcomes American players. They have a good track record in the industry and many players rate them highly
  • – another excellent choice for United States players that want an online casino without verification that they can trust is CloudBet. They passed all of our tests
  • – you do not need to verify your identity to play at the well-respected mBit online casino. They did very well in our tests, and are shaping up to be one of the best no verification casinos in Australia.
  • – few online casinos that have no process of verification can match Sportsbetting. They have been delighting players from around the world for many years
  • – Betonline is a very famous no ID online casino that has been in operation for over two decades. We highly recommend them as they consistently pass our tough tests and provide an exceptional experience

If you want to be confident playing at a no ID verification casino then we highly recommend that you choose one from the list above. Nobody tests online casinos that have no verification process harder than we do. All of the online casinos in our recommended list are honest and safe for you to play at.

Can you gamble without an ID?

Most online casino players find the signing up process the most frustrating part of the experience. Often ID verification is a time-consuming task delaying things before you get into the action.

As an alternative, players are trying ‘no verification’ or ‘no KYC’ casinos that allow players to play without providing any ID proof when creating an account. But this raises a question. Can you gamble without providing an ID? Yes, you can.

The age of no ID casinos 

Casinos without ID work similar to regular online casinos in games, winnings, and wagers, apart from the fact that you do not have to prove your identity when opening an account. This undeniable upside draws millions of players who want to have fun at a casino without ID. As the number of players who want to wager without producing an ID grows, more and more no-verification casinos are popping up.

Right now, there are many online casinos that are trying to attract new players through not requiring ID verification. You need to be careful here as not all of these casinos are created equally. We recommend that you only choose a no ID verification casino from our list above.

You can be confident that all of the casinos on our recommended list are safe and secure for you to play at. We have checked every aspect of these casinos to ensure that they are legit, take care of their players, and provide the best possible online casino experience.

Why casinos request ID verification

Online casinos request that players provide ID verification so that they can comply with KYC rules imposed by their operating license. A lot of licensing authorities insist that online casinos verify the identity of all of their players to stop criminal activities such as money laundering and underage gambling.

Many of the ID verification process that these online casinos use are cumbersome and take a long time to complete. Players have to provide a lot of sensitive information and documentation to prove their identity and verify where they live. Often, these online casinos take a long time to verify players due to the volume of verification requests they receive.

Some online casinos will permit you to register with them and make a deposit without verifying your ID. When you try to withdraw your winnings, they will insist that you verify your account first. During the time it takes for you to provide the necessary information and the casino to process everything, they are holding on to your money.

Is it possible to refuse to give your ID and take your money out of the casino?

The answer to this question depends on the online casino involved. If the online casino has to comply with KYC rules, then they will not usually let players take their money out until they have completed the verification process.

With a lot of online casinos, they will let you make deposits without verifying your account but will only approve withdrawals after you verify your identity. If you have made a deposit and not placed any bets then it may be possible for you to get your money out by requesting this from the online casino support team.

How to play in a no ID casino

A no ID verification casino is very similar to other online casinos that do require verification. To play at an online casino with no ID verification you will need to register first, which normally only requires providing a valid email address and a password. You need to confirm that your email address is working by clicking on the verification link in the email you receive.

After verifying your email address, you will need to make a deposit to start playing casino games. Decide how much that you want to deposit and then go to the cashier page and choose your payment method. For example, if you want to make a deposit using Bitcoin, you need to select this payment method and provide your crypto wallet address.

When you have made your deposit, you will see your casino balance increase by the same amount. Most no ID verification casinos offer bonuses that match your first deposit. There will be terms and conditions you need to comply with to claim these bonuses.

Now you can play your favorite slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette, and other casino games that you enjoy. Usually, the no ID verification casino will convert your deposit currency (e.g. Bitcoin) into a fiat currency like the US dollar to make it easier for you to place bets on the games you play.

Registering your anonymous account to play casino games without ID

In order to play online casinos without ID verification, you’ll need to create an anonymous account. This account will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of online gambling like playing anonymous poker without having to worry about your personal information being compromised.

The account will use a unique username, password, and email address that will not link to your personal information in any way. Your account will be able to use the website’s services and features, but it will be completely separate from your personal information.

This will allow you to make deposits and withdrawals, use the website’s features, and play games, all while keeping your personal information safe. You can create an anonymous account in a few simple steps.

First, select a username that does not use any personal information, such as your real name, address, or other identifying features. You can also use a fake name or symbol for your username, which will make it virtually impossible for anyone to identify you.

Next, create a strong, unique password using a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Make sure you keep your password safe and secure so that no one can ever access your account. Finally, select a secure, anonymous email address that will not link to your personal information.

How much can you play without providing your ID? 

Depending on how much money you plan to wager, you might have to produce a valid ID. For example, most online casinos in the US can ask you to provide identification if you play more than $500 in one play or win more than $2000 in a single day.

Most casinos that allow you to put sports bets almost always ask for ID. Depending on your state of residence, you have to be either 18 or 21 years old. Physical casinos are legally obliged to provide verification documents to play. In most cases, you will have to supply a W-9 form depending on how much money you win.

Pros and cons of casinos without ID and traditional casinos

The main advantages of no ID verification casinos are:

  • Players do not have to go through a long-drawn-out process of verification
  • Players can start to play casino games immediately
  • Players do not provide sensitive information to the casino
  • A lot of no ID verification casinos accept cryptocurrencies which traditional casinos do not
  • They tend to accept players from more countries than traditional casinos

Disadvantages of no ID verification casinos are:

  • Some of the larger traditional casinos may have bigger bonuses

Are no ID casinos legit and reliable?

Let’s deal with the legit side of things first. There is nothing illegal about no ID verification casinos. If they do not have to implement a KYC procedure as part of their license then they do not have to do this.

Whether a no ID verification casino is reliable is a different story. Not all of the casinos that have no verification process are reliable and honest. Some will use the fact that they do not require ID verification to try and lure players in and then take their money. This is why we thoroughly review no ID verification casinos and provide our recommended list to you.

Like regular casinos, a casino without ID also has to go through many legal hoops to obtain a license to offer gambling services legally.

Hence, it is legal to gamble with no verification casinos.

Depending on the location, an online casino can procure a license from many regulatory bodies. When gambling at any online casino, you should check the licensing to ensure that it is legitimate. If an online casino does not display licensing details, you should ask for the support staff’s document before sharing your personal information.

Being skeptical is a good thing when it comes to gambling. It should not be hard for you to believe that a casino without ID is legal and offer safe play. These casinos have several safety protocols to keep players safe and their information secure.

How we rate no ID casinos

All of the no ID verification casinos we review are subjected to a barrage of tough tests. The first thing that we look for is if the casino has an operating license. We will never recommend a casino with no verification that is unlicensed.

We check many other things about a no ID casino as well including:

  • The range of casino games that they offer
  • How long they have been operating
  • The range of payment methods that they accept
  • The quality of their support
  • Their security arrangements
  • Whether they are on any blacklists
  • The software companies that provide their casino games

These are just a few of the tests we perform. Choose one of our recommended no ID verification casinos from the list above as you can be sure that they are all honest and reliable.

How to find the right no ID online casino

Each casino has its own set of rules and regulations, which will determine which games you can play and how much you can win. Finding the right casino is an important step in playing online casinos without ID verification. This will allow you to play your favorite games, such as slots, table games, jackpots, blackjack, roulette, poker, and more.

Additionally, casinos usually offer different promotions and bonuses for new players, which can provide you with the opportunity to win more, have longer play sessions, and have a better overall casino experience.

When finding the right casino, make sure to select one that offers games without ID verification. This will allow you to play your favorite games without having to worry about your personal information being compromised. Additionally, make sure to choose a casino that offers the types of games you enjoy playing the most.

Understanding the risks of playing at casinos without ID verification

Playing online casinos without ID verification, while a great way to enjoy your favorite games without having to provide personal information, does come with some risks. Most importantly, you run the risk of playing at an unlicensed or rogue casino. Rogue casinos are sites that use deceptive practices and fraudulent activity to scam players out of their money.

This can happen in a variety of ways, including not paying winnings, using malicious software, stealing personal information, and more. Fortunately, you can avoid rogue casinos by choosing one of those on our recommended list above.

Our expert team at No-Verification.Casino has fully checked all of the no ID verification casinos in our recommended list. They are all legit and have a sound reputation. We subject all of the online casinos that we review to several tough tests and we are pleased to say that all of those on our recommended list passed them all.

Keeping your identity safe

Playing online casinos without ID verification is a great way to enjoy your favorite games while maintaining your privacy. However, in order to stay safe while playing, you’ll need to take a few simple precautions. First, make sure to use an anonymous payment method, such as cryptocurrency, prepaid cards, or secure e-wallets.

These payment methods will keep your personal information safe and secure, and it will prevent the casino from linking your account to your name and address. Next, stay away from casinos that require you to provide personal information. These sites are not legitimate and pose the risk of identity theft and fraud.

Finally, make sure to change your password and username often, use two-factor authentication, and never click on links in emails from unknown sources. These precautions will help keep your personal information safe while playing online casinos without ID verification.

Check out bonuses and promotions

Many no ID verification casinos offer new players bonuses. It is a good idea to compare the bonuses being offered so that you make the right choice. You will find that the majority of online casinos without ID verification will offer a matched deposit bonus. They will match your deposits from 50% to 100%.

Another bonus offer to look out for is free spins. Usually, free spins are offered as a no deposit bonus which means that you can play them without having to make a deposit first. The casino will normally specify what slot machine you can play your free spins on, and you are likely to win with some of the spins.

There are always going to be terms and conditions associated with free spin bonuses (and other bonuses too). If you are lucky enough to win with your free spins, you won’t be able to claim your winnings until you have met the conditions of the wagering requirement. You will have to make a deposit and then place bets in accordance with the terms and conditions.

Is it safe to make deposits and withdrawals with cryptocurrency?

A lot of online casinos that do not require ID verification accept major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum for deposits and withdrawals. All cryptocurrencies use a blockchain network which is very safe and secure. You will need to have a secure crypto wallet for any crypto transactions. These are available online as well as offline. The offline wallets are much safer than the online ones, so if you are worried about the safety of crypto transactions, we recommend you go for an offline wallet.

No ID casinos save you much time, otherwise spent on ID verification. You don’t have to submit any documents; you can start playing as soon as you sign up. Also, signing up is a simple process with a few clicks. As there is no registration process involved, you can start playing as soon as you have made your first deposit.

You can gain further anonymity by playing at crypto no verification casinos. These casinos allow deposits and withdrawals using cryptocurrency. As cryptocurrencies are entirely anonymous, there is no way for these casinos to get your personal information through financial transactions.

Whether you can gamble without ID or not depends on the casino you’ve chosen and the kind of wager you are making. Overall, no verification gambling sites offer the most anonymity.


Are no ID verification casinos legal?

Yes, there are no laws preventing an online casino having no ID verification.

Do all no ID verification casinos accept Ethereum?

If a no ID verification casino accepts cryptocurrency as a deposit and withdrawal method it is very likely they will accept Ethereum.

Will no ID verification casinos accept players from everywhere?

No, there will usually be some countries which no ID verification casinos cannot legally accept.

Do no ID verification casinos have a good selection of games?

The no ID verification casinos in our recommended list all have a good selection of games.

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