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The verification procedure at Betway is a little different from other operators. In this online betting platform, the company is the one that will contact you to ask you to verify yourself. Most often, this happens when you have accumulated winnings. A letter will be sent to your email address, stating what documents to upload to your account.

Uploading the documents yourself is quick and easy. You can add files to the system with a few clicks and submit them for review. The good news is that Betway works very quickly and if all documents are in order, you will be approved to use the full package of services. In the following lines you will read details on how to verify your account.

What are the verification steps at Betway?

As we wrote at the beginning, you need to wait for the bookmaker to request verification of your account. If it does, it’s time to add photographed or scanned identification. And, because this sounds scary for new customers, we give detailed instructions on how to do it:

  1. Log in to the Betway website;
  2. Open your account settings;
  3. Click on the “Confirm Document” section;
  4. Attach the documents they have requested from you;
  5. Confirm the uploaded documents;
  6. Wait up to 48 hours for them to review your documents;

This is all that is required of the user. You can see for yourself that it is not difficult, nor is it time consuming. Of course, you can make copies of your ID documents using a mobile device, digital device or scanner. The most important thing is that the photos are of good quality.

What should we be careful not to get wrong?

First of all, keep an eye on the email you signed up with as you will receive a letter asking you to verify yourself. The other option, is to log into your account and click on “Verify Documents” where you will see the type of document requested and an option to attach a file. When that point comes, you need to prepare the documents.

When photographing or scanning an ID card, driver’s license or international passport, you must make a color and double-sided copy. It is very important that your details are clearly visible. The copy must be legible or you may be refused.

In some cases you may also be asked for additional verification, which we will cover later. For this, you should be prepared to scan other types of documents and add them. In any case, do not try to verify yourself with other people’s documents as you will be refused.

Is there a possibility that our account cannot be verified?

Yes, there is such a risk if the copies of the documents are not made in good quality. There is also a risk of denial of verification if you try to cheat the system. To be even clearer, we will write down the most common reasons why the operator will refuse the verification procedure:

  • Illegible copies of documents;
  • Black and white copies of documents;
  • Verification with foreign documents;
  • Inconsistency in your data;
  • Uploading an expired document;
  • and more!

If there is a problem with verification, it is a good idea to contact support. Betway staff will explain where the misunderstanding came from and together you will try to fix the error. In case there is no correction on your part, you will be denied again.

What is the verification time? How long does the process take?

Betway’s official opinion is that the verification of documents takes 48 hours. However, this has its exceptions. Sometimes the operator will review your documents much quicker and approve or deny verification. Or if you have accumulated winnings, then you may be reviewed almost immediately. Therefore, we can say that the employees work fast.

Naturally, if 48 hours pass and you haven’t received an answer, you should inquire with the customer service. Explain to them that you have waited too long and still have no opinion. The staff will do their best to assist you so that your application can be reviewed as soon as possible and you will be able to play your favourite slot machine Golden Goddess at the Betway casino.

What documents do I need to verify my Betway account?

There are three main types of documents that are most commonly required: an ID card, driver’s license or international passport. You must submit at least one of these documents to be approved. In quite a few cases, however, you may be asked for additional documents, which can be a copy of a utility bill and a photographed bank card.

When additional documents are requested, they will appear in the section of your profile for you to upload. You are not obliged to take action immediately, but have time to prepare the documents and only then add them to the system to be reviewed by the operator.

What is additional Betway verification?

Additional verification is required for greater security. In many cases, customers deposit and withdraw with bank cards. Therefore, you could be asked for a photo of the front of your debit or credit card to see the cardholder’s name and compare it to yours. If there is a name mismatch, you will be denied verification.

Another document that is requested is a receipt or invoice that you used to pay for utilities. On the document, your address should be clearly visible. This is the so-called address verification that many bookmakers require. Last but not least, they may ask for a selfie of you holding an ID. This is rarely asked for, but you should be prepared.

Why do they ask for additional verification sometimes?

If you win too often and increasingly large amounts, this can raise doubts. Therefore, you will then receive an email asking you for more verification documents. This is also the case when you deposit and withdraw daily. The company wants to make sure that you are the person behind the created account. To do this, it uses all means to identify you on the site.

There is a lot of misuse of personal data these days and this is the main reason that requires additional verification. Of course, such may not be required, as it all depends on following the rules, playing correctly and your behavior during the betting.

What should we do in case of a verification problem?

It is rare, but not impossible, to have a verification problem. This could be an excessively long document review time, an unreasonable refusal or something else. In such cases, always contact the staff. You can get in touch with the staff via live chat, email or any other way. Try to find the problem together so that it can be corrected in a timely manner.

Usually, the staff of Betway is very polite, so everything will get resolved. So far, we have no record of disappointed customers, and we hope you won’t be among the first. Our opinion is that the operator operates to a high standard and offers excellent service.

What are customers’ opinions on verification at Betway and are there any complaints?

We’ve dug around on the internet, but we couldn’t find any customer complaints about verification at Bwin. In most cases they talk about the innovation where the company sends an invitation to the customer to verify, but there are no complaints about the procedure itself, which is much eased.

Verification requires a standard upload of documents to the system, for which special buttons are provided to add the files. Working with the platform is easy, so no one is complaining yet. There are no reviews of unfair treatment and delays in the process.

Final words

Here we’ve outlined all the essentials about Betway verification. If you’ve read this guide, you won’t have any difficulty identifying your account. Last but not least, we need to write that the operators do their job conscientiously and are ready to help you. All in all, we hope that reading this has been helpful to you and we wish you success.

Frequently asked questions

What is Betway’s verification review period?

The time limit quoted by the operator is 48 hours, but in many cases verification is done quicker.

What happens if I don’t get verified at Betway?

If you do not add verification documents, you will not be able to withdraw winnings.

What documents are required for verification at Betway?

Most commonly, an ID, driver’s license or passport, and a photographed bank card are required.

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