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Find out which are the top no GamStop online casino sites without any kind of verification. We've tested and selected only the legitimate casinos not on GamStop.

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No GamStop casinos

There is good intention behind GamStop for UK online casino players. The problem is that if you play at a GamStop casino and decide to use GamStop to prevent you gambling for a period of time then you cannot stop this temporary block.

A lot of UK players that have used GamStop to help them want to continue betting at online casinos because they have fixed the problem that they had. Unfortunately, the GamStop ban is still in force at the online casino they play at so they cannot resume playing their favorite casino games for money.

Many players for the UK are now looking for no GamStop casinos. These are online casinos that welcome players from the United Kingdom but do not have GamStop so the player can bet on casino games as much as they want to.

In this comprehensive guide to online casinos with no GamStop, we will recommend the best no GamStop online casinos, how you can register with them, how to make a deposit and a withdrawal with a no GamStop casino, the benefits of playing at a no GamStop casino and a lot more.

• No GamStop casino

• 300 free spins

• No verification process

• Casino not on GamStop

• Up to 1 BTC bonus

• Fully anonymous

So, let’s get started…

Casinos without GamStop overview

The first question to answer here is “what is a no GamStop casino?” A no GamStop casino is one that will accept players from the UK but does not operate the GamStop system. This means that the player will be in total control and can determine when they want to bet on casino games and when they need to stop.

These non GamStop casinos would be very similar to the UK no verification casinos and most of the times they will also not request KYC.

A no GamStop online casino is going to have a similar look and feel to a GamStop online casino. It is likely to have similar casino games available such as:

  • Slots
  • Table games such as blackjack, baccarat and roulette
  • Video poker
  • Specialty games such as bingo and keno
  • Live dealer games where you play against a real croupier rather than the computer

The no GamStop online casino will allow the player to make a deposit and a withdrawal using various payment methods such as credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallet systems and even cryptocurrency. We will discuss how-to make deposits and withdrawals at no GamStop casinos later in this guide.

With the most reputable no GamStop online casinos there will be a dedicated support team that will respond promptly and professionally to issues raised by players. They will have a valid operating license from a well-known gaming authority which you can complain to if you believe that the no GamStop casino has treated you unfairly.

You can play at a reputable no GamStop online casino using a desktop computer or with a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet. The websites of these reputable no GamStop casinos are fully optimized for mobile play using a browser on the mobile device. In some cases, there will be a mobile app that players can download and install on their phones.

The bottom line is that a reputable no GamStop online casino has all of the features and facilities that you would expect from a GamStop online casino. In many cases, the no GamStop casino will have more games and features.

Here at No-Verification.Casino we do not want you to think that no GamStop casinos are vastly different to a GamStop casino in the UK because they are not. The only difference is that a no GamStop casino is not tied to the GamStop program.

We are not here to say bad things about GamStop. It is very important to us that online casino players do not lose a lot of money because they have become addicted to playing certain games. But we do believe that you should have a choice – when you tell GamStop that you want to stop you cannot start again whenever you feel like it.

Which are the best no GamStop casinos?

There are many international online casinos that will accept players from the United Kingdom. They are not tied to the GamStop program so UK players can place bets on casino games whenever they want. But not all of these international no GamStop casinos are reputable.

We have a very experienced team here at No-Verification.Casino that reviews many online casinos to see if they are safe to play at and have a good selection of casino games for players to enjoy. To assess the reputation of a no GamStop casino, the team subject it to several onerous checks and tests to see if it meets our high standards.

Here are our recommended no GamStop casinos for you to play at safely:

This non UK online casino accepts players from the United Kingdom and has a very good reputation in the industry. opened its doors in 2020, and in a short time has earned a very good reputation with players from the UK and beyond.

If you like slots then you will love They have every kind of slot game you can imagine, including classic slots, themed slots, and jackpot slots. Overall, there are over 4,500 casino games for you to choose from at You can play live casino games and there is a comprehensive sportsbook too.

There are many things that we like about They have an excellent support team that is available 24/7 via live chat. All of their games are fair and the odds tend to be better than at other casinos. accept many different payment methods.

Another no GamStop overseas online casino that we highly recommend is They also welcome players from the United Kingdom are not associated with the GamStop program. One advantage that has over is the bonuses that it offers. New players receive a welcome bonus that applies to their first 3 deposits.

There is a good range of games available at but they do not have as many games as They have some big-name providers supplying the games such as Belatra, BetSoft, Booming Games, B Gaming, and Endorphina.

You have the choice of more than 150 slot games and they are well-known for their selection of video poker games as well. The site is well optimized for mobile play using a browser and we had a good experience with this. We tested it using both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

There are different language options available apart from English. The no GamStop casino accepts cryptocurrency as a payment method. You can use major currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum. If you prefer to use fiat currency, there are options available for this too.

The reason that there are only a few no GamStop casinos that we recommend is because the vast majority do not meet our high standards. We would never recommend a no GamStop online casino to you that we did not consider safe. Nor would we recommend a no GamStop casino that had a poor selection of games or accepts limited payment methods.

What to consider when choosing no GamStop casino

There are many things that you need to consider when choosing a no GamStop online casino. In this section, we will discuss the most important things that you need to look for. It is a long list and it will require that you spend a lot of time and undertake a lot of research to discover if a no GamStop casino is truly reputable or not.

Unfortunately, there are dishonest no GamStop casinos out there. Some players from the UK and elsewhere have lost all of their money at these casinos because they operate sharp practices. We do not want you to experience this, so please pay attention to the checks that we recommend you make below. Never take a risk with just any no GamStop online casino.


The first thing that you need to check is the legality of the no GamStop online casino. You need to find out if the no GamStop casino has a valid operating license from a recognized gambling authority. This is very important as playing at an unlicensed online casino can be very risky.

First, check on the website of the no GamStop casino you are considering registering with to see if there is any information about the license that they have. If there is information available then don’t just accept that the casino is licensed. Check with the gaming authority to see if the no GamStop casino does have a valid license with them.

If you play at an unlicensed no GamStop online casino then you run the risk of losing your money. Things can go wrong with an online casino and players need to have the support in place to resolve these things. We are not saying that all unlicensed no GamStop online casinos are bad, but some of them are going to be dishonest.

With a licensed no GamStop casino, if you feel that you have been unfairly treated in some way and this has not been resolved by the casino support team, you can take your complaint to the gaming authority that issued the license.

Licensed no GamStop casinos invest a lot of money to obtain their license and they will do everything possible to keep it. When a player complains to the gaming authority, the casino will act swiftly to resolve the issue that the player has. With an unlicensed no GamStop casino, there is no licensing authority to complain to – so they can do whatever they like.

❗Reputation, comments and player’s feedback

Secondly, you need to check the reputation of the no GamStop casino. After establishing that the online casino is legal, you want to ensure that they have a good reputation with their players. Just because a no GamStop casino has a valid operating license doesn’t mean that it has a good reputation.

There are websites that have blacklists of online casinos that have treated their players badly. Perform a search on Google or whatever search engine you prefer to find these websites. Check to see if the no GamStop casino you are considering appears on any of the blacklists. If it does, move on to another no GamStop online casino.

We also recommend that you check for negative reviews and comments posted on active online casino forums. Again, you can search for these. What you need to bear in mind here is that even the most reputable online casinos receive negative reviews. If a player is unhappy with the casino for whatever reason, they can leave a negative review.

Players are not always right and some of them will try to take advantage of online casinos. If they do not get what they want then they are likely to make a negative comment about the casino. You need to be able to tell which negative comments are worth looking at and which are not.

The good thing about active online casino forums is that members usually tell the truth. They will detail their experience with a no GamStop online casino whether it was good or bad. These posts are much more believable than reviews about the casino found elsewhere.

What you want to look for is evidence of players not being treated fairly. Problems with the withdrawal process used by a no GamStop casino are often posted about in the forums. If players believe that they are being cheated out of their money then they are not going to be quiet about this on the forum.

You should be able to search any online casino forum with the name of the no GamStop casino you are thinking of registering with. This will return all of the posts about that casino. Look at the post titles and decide if they are worthy of further investigation. If you decide that the no GamStop casino has a bad reputation then find another one.

🕹️Variety of casino games

After confirming the legitimacy and reputation of the no GamStop casino you are considering, the next thing to check out is the variety of casino games that they offer. If the casino doesn’t have your favorite game, then there is little point you registering with them no matter how good their reputation is.


Slot games are far and away the most popular of the online casino games. If you have a favorite slot that you like to play then look for it on the site. There are so many slot games available now that it may be difficult for you to find a no GamStop casino that has your favorite slot. You then need to decide if the available slot games are to your liking.

Table games

Most no GamStop online casinos are going to have the most popular table games available which are blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. But does the casino you are considering have variations of these games available? As an example, does the casino have European roulette as well as American roulette?

Live dealer games

Do you like to play live dealer games at an online casino? A lot of people do, so take a look at the live games that they have available. Is there a good selection of games such as blackjack, roulette, Texas Hold’em poker and so on?

Video poker

Many UK players like video poker. If the no GamStop casino has video poker games, check to see if they are to your liking. The same goes for other types of games such as keno and bingo. It is very important that the no GamStop online casino you are considering has the games that yu want to play.

⚙️Software providers

Another thing you can check with the games is what software providers have created them. Does the no GamStop online casino have games from the most reputable providers? Companies like Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming, Play N Go, Pragmatic and others are well respected in the online casino industry.

💳Payment methods

So, the no GamStop casino you are considering is legit, has a good reputation, and has the casino games that you like to play. What do you check next? We recommend that you look at the payment methods that the casino accepts for deposits and withdrawals.

We believe that a no GamStop casino should offer you several different payment options. Most online casinos will accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards as well as bank transfers. But players like to use other methods as well such as Neteller, Skrill, cryptocurrency and more.

If the no GamStop casino does not have the payment method that you prefer then you need to decide if you are happy about using another method. In the case where you are not happy to do this, you need to move on and find another no GamStop online casino.


Does the no GamStop online casino provide players with good support? This is another essential thing that you need to check. The best way to do this is to contact the support team at the casino and ask them some questions.

For example, you could ask them about their security arrangements, or what the average withdrawal time is when players win. Come up with a list of questions that you can ask every no GamStop casino that you are considering.

Does the casino have a “live chat” feature where you can contact support? In our opinion, this is the best way to deal with any support issue. If there is a live chat feature, is it available 24 hours a day or only at certain hours? What other ways are there to contact the casino support team? Usually there is email and sometimes there is a phone number available.

What you are looking for with casino support is a prompt response to your query (which is why we always prefer to use live chat), a helpful and friendly attitude, and to confirm that the support people know what they are talking about. If the casino support performs badly in any of these areas, then find another no GamStop casino.

Good support is critical for online casino players. Things can go wrong at any time and you need to know that there is a helpful and knowledgeable support team available. Some no GamStop online casinos are severely lacking in this department and we recommend that you give them a wide berth.


Other things that you can look for when you are considering a no GamStop online casino are:

  • The security arrangements in place – are all transactions protected with SSL encryption?
  • Whether the casino site is optimized for mobile play or has an iOS or Android app available
  • How long the no GamStop casino has been in business
  • What bonuses are offered as an incentive
  • The terms and conditions of the no GamStop casino

Our experienced team looks at all of these things and more before recommending a no GamStop online casino. For you to do all of this yourself will take a long time and be hard work for you. Take the easy option and choose one of our recommended no GamStop casinos.

How to register and play at a no GamStop casino

The registration process for a no GamStop casino is going to vary from one to another. If you go for a no verification no GamStop casino (which we highly recommend) then the registration process will be simple. You will have to provide a working email address, a preferred username and password and that is about it.

Other no GamStop casinos will have a much lengthier registration process and can ask you to provide all kinds of information. We believe that this is unnecessary, all of our recommended online casinos with no GamStop do not have a verification process.

Once you have registered, you will receive an email from the online casino with a verification link in it. You need to click on this link to prove that you have provided a working email address. After that, you can go to the lobby of the casino and make a deposit and play the games that you want the same as you would with a GamStop casino.

How to deposit

Making a deposit at a no GamStop casino will be similar to any other online casino. You will need to find the “cashier” page and then choose to make a deposit. Usually, there will be a drop-down list of the payment methods that the casino accepts and you need to choose the one that you want to use.

It is always worth checking the deposit limits of the no GamStop casino. There are usually always deposit limits, and these can vary dependent on the payment method you choose. If you choose to pay with an e-wallet system such as Neteller, or cryptocurrency, then the funds should appear in your casino account balance very quickly.

You will always need to confirm all of your deposit transactions. Also, you will need to login to your e-wallet system, vis the casino cahier page, to complete the transaction. With cryptocurrency deposits, you will need to provide your crypto wallet address.

How to withdraw

Again, you need to go to the cashier page of the no GamStop casino. Here you will choose to make a withdrawal request. Choose the payment method that you want to use for the withdrawal from the drop-down list. Enter in the amount of your withdrawal and confirm the transaction.

There will be withdrawal limits in place and you need to comply with these. If you try to withdraw below the minimum or more than the maximum then your request will be denied. In addition to this, some no GamStop casinos will only allow some of the payment methods to be used for withdrawals. You need to know what the rules are about this.

A lot of no GamStop casinos will manually check all withdrawal requests. This can add a few hours to the process or even days. While a manual check is acceptable, you do not want this to take too long. With casinos that require verification, you can be asked to provide additional information.

Benefits of playing at no GamStop casinos

Here are the main benefits of playing at no GamStop online casinos:

  • You can always place bets on your favorite casino games
  • You are always in control
  • There are no “self-exclusion” barriers to stop you playing

The bottom line here is that you always have control. You will not be stopped placing bets by the no GamStop casino because they are not associated with the program. If you are concerned about the amount of money you are spending at the online casino you can just stop playing for a while and return when your situation improves.

Are these casinos safe and legit?

We cannot say that all no GamStop casinos that welcome players from the UK are safe and legit. What we can say is that those that are on our recommended list are safe and legit. When you choose to play at a no GamStop casino that we have recommended then you can be totally confident that it is safe.

What is GamStop?

GamStop is a process that is in operation in the United Kingdom only. The aim of GamStop is to help UK gamblers to take control of their habits with gambling. It is easy for a UK gambler to sign up to GamStop and they will then be able to stop making bets at any online casino or sportsbook that is part of the GamStop program if this is their wish.

When UK gamblers sign up to GamStop, they have a “self-exclusion” option. This means that you can decide to prevent themselves from gambling for a specified period of time. A player from the UK will be asked for personal details by GamStop which can include:

  • Their email address
  • Their full address including the postcode
  • Their mobile phone number
  • The birthday

The biggest problem with GamStop is that if a player decides to self-exclude then this decision cannot be changed. You can choose a period of self-exclusion such as 6 months, a year, or even as long as 5 years. When this period of time elapses, the player has to request that GamStop remove the limitation.

Are no GamStop and no verification casinos the same?

The short answer is “no”. There are no GamStop casinos that have lengthy verification processes and we do not recommend these. We only recommend no verification no GamStop online casinos. A no GamStop casino is not part of the GamStop program. It has nothing to do with whether they want players to verify their identity or not.

Final words

There is nothing wrong with the GamStop program as it is helpful to UK players to control any bad gambling habits. But it is restrictive. When you decide to self-exclude, you cannot reverse this decision. You have to wait for the time to elapse before you can start to bet on casino games again.

Thankfully, there are no GamStop casinos that accept UK players. We would not recommend a lot of them, but there are some that meet our high standards and they are in our recommended list above. With a no GamStop online casino, you are in control, and can decide when you bet on casino games and when you don’t.


What are the best no GamStop online casinos?

Our experienced team thoroughly checks no GamStop casinos and put them through their paces. Any of the no GamStop casinos on our recommended list are the best for you to play at

Why are you against the GamStop program?

We are not against it. The only thing we don’t like is that you cannot change your self-exclusion decision until the time has elapsed. You may have sorted out any problems way before the deadline but you cannot choose to bet on casino games until the time is up.

Can you play at no GamStop casinos using a mobile device?

Yes, all of the no GamStop casinos on our recommended list are fully optimized for playing on a smartphone or tablet using a browser.

Is it illegal for UK players to not register with a GamStop casino?

No, players from the UK can register with any international

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