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Is it possible to play from Africa at a casino without verification?

Casino players from Africa can play at online casinos without having to go through verification. There are quite a few sites available to them that have no requirement to provide personal details and documents in order to place a bet. These are mostly casinos where payments are made through cryptocurrency and digital wallets. These gambling operators guarantee complete anonymity to the customer and allow him to play from anywhere without divulging his details.
In many cases, African casinos without verification, do not require registration either. In order to open an account, a short electronic form is filled out, which includes a username, password and email address. From that point on, one can play all the games and deposit and withdraw via Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Dogecoin and other current cryptocurrencies these days.

Which are the best casinos without verification in Africa?

Before we mention the names of the best casinos without verification in Africa, it is necessary to say that they are legal and have been issued licenses in different parts of the world. Most often, these sites have a permit from the gambling regulatory authorities in Curacao, Malta and other parts of the world. And, to be even more comprehensive we offer you a list of casinos without verification and registration:

  • Betonline;
  • Cloudbet;
  • mBit;

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Which countries in Africa play the most at online casinos?

African casino players are very active and often look for casinos without verification where they can play their favourite games, including slots, blackjack, baccarat, poker, roulette and more. There are restrictions on gambling in some parts of the continent, but despite this, there is little interest. Now, let’s take a look at the countries where there is the most interest in betting on casino games:

  • South Africa;
  • Uganda;
  • Nigeria;
  • Kenya;
  • Ghana.

Why do Africans seek casinos without verification?

As we wrote earlier in the article, there are African countries where casino betting on the internet is restricted or banned. In this line of thought, players wish to remain completely anonymous when betting on casino games. This is also the main reason to prefer the casinos without verification, with the help of which winnings can be withdrawn in the most common cryptocurrencies.
Africans do not want to hand over documents with personal data when they register at casinos, as this is their right. Their desire to be anonymous is completely understandable, so no one can reproach them. This is the reason we are writing all this, to help African punters.

Which African countries have a gambling law in place?

In 1996, South Africa passed a gambling law that allowed the licensing of bookmakers and online casinos. Opportunities to bet on football, horse racing and other sports emerged. A number of casinos offering different types of games are also licensed. At the same time, a ‘National Gambling Board’ is established, which is responsible for regulating gambling operators. A “National Lottery” is brought to light in which many citizens participate. These days we can argue that South Africa has the best working gambling law.
Kenya is another country where there are clear rules on gambling. The law there does not impose any restrictions on the types of gambling. There are quite a few bookmakers, gambling halls and online casinos in the country. Gambling revenues are also good, even though only 51 million of the continent’s 1.2 billion inhabitants live in the country. However, betting is allowed and there are no fines or restrictions on the practice of gambling as there are in many other places in Africa.
If we look at Egypt, however, we see that things are a little different there. The country’s population is Muslim, which creates obstacles to the passage of a gambling law. The rules in the country are ambiguous, and this often creates problems. The only fully legal form of gambling, is the “National Lottery”, and there are working casinos in several cities. The catch here is that casino halls are only open to foreign nationals, but are off-limits to Egyptians.
There are also gambling laws in Nigeria, Uganda and Ghana, but different betting rules apply in these countries. For example, Nigerians can place sports bets and participate in the lottery, but roulette and craps are prohibited. In most cases, the laws are circumvented through online casinos without verification. They give more freedom to players who like to bet in them.

Advantages and disadvantages of African casinos without verification?

Online casinos that do not require verification in Africa are welcomed by most people as they can gamble on their favorite casino games. Above we have already mentioned that many countries, especially those with Muslim populations, have bans on casino games. Thanks to casinos without verification, these bans are coming down and Africans can practice their gambling hobby.
Unfortunately, however, there are quite a few fraudulent casinos, so players from Africa should check the credibility of the sites before getting involved in them. Our recommendation here, is to look for legitimate casinos for which there are enough user reviews and reviews on the internet.

Final words

To conclude, we can summarize that residents of Africa can play at bitcoin casinos without verification. This way, they keep their anonymity and at the same time have access to numerous types of games, such as slots, poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps and what not. With the help of gambling operators, anyone can play and is not required to identify themselves with personal details.
Yes, perhaps gambling laws in this continent are yet to undergo changes, but until the market is regulated there are places where everyone can enjoy the best gambling games.

Frequently asked questions

Are there casinos without registration in Africa?

No, but there are some where you just fill in a username, password and email address.

Where are there restrictions on gambling in Africa?

In countries with Muslim populations, there is a total or partial ban on gambling.

Is it legal to play at a casino without verification in Africa?

Real casinos without verification are legalized and you can play in them without problems.

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