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The only way to answer this question is by determining whether others have managed to make a living off gambling. If others are doing it, the potential is there for you to do it as well. If you’re wondering whether you would be able to live completely off your gambling wins, the answer can’t be written in stone. There is definitely the possibility that you could but nobody can guarantee that for you. It’s something you would have to try for yourself to see if it’s workable based on your own skill set and your willingness to take risks.

Gambling for a living – a dream come true

For many, making a living from gambling would be a dream come true. They think of leaving their boring 9-to-5 jobs in order to find greener pastures that are more exciting. In order to make it happen, however, you’ll need to have a bankroll available at the beginning. This is the start of your career in gambling and it is impossible to make money if you don’t have any funds to risk at the beginning.

How much money you’ll need to start out with will depend on your own circumstances. You’ll need to plan on having enough cash available so that you are able to ride out the various losing and winning streaks you’re sure to face. Think of how much money you’d need to support yourself for 6 months and put that aside. That is money that cannot be touched that just covers your basic living expenses. Next you’ll need to have gambling money available and this will have to be enough to ensure that you can make large bets.

Best types of professional gambling

The vast majority of people that have earned a living by gambling have been active in poker, blackjack or sports betting. Professional blackjack players learn how to count the cards as they are playing in order to give themselves a better edge.

Poker players bet against each other so there is more skill involved. The house is paid a small percentage of every pot but you are never playing directly against the house. If you’re able to outplay your opponents, you’ll have a good chance of winning.

Some individuals have been able to make a good living with sports betting. Bookmakers set the betting lines for this game and the players look for games that offer a lot of value in order to see high profits.

These are the most popular professional gambling games since they offer the most opportunities for winning. Some people have been able to make a living off of other games but most find it too difficult. Stick to the ones listed above especially if you’re just starting out for the best chance of success.

Gambling as a full-time job

While many gamblers love their jobs, you’ll need to understand that this is a full-time position that you’re taking on. Some individuals do find that it becomes a grind since they need to constantly look for games that are worth their while to play. It really is like a full-time job as you continue to evaluate and bet on your games. Just keep this thought in mind as you prepare to enter the world of full-time betting.

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