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If you’ve read about casinos targeting their visitors with ads, offered free hotel stays and other loopholes to get you back inside their doors, you’re not alone. In fact, the gaming industry has been rocked by this news for years now. And yet most people have no idea how much casinos know about them.

Much of that is because the way that casinos track you down is very sneaky and underhanded. They don’t use an obvious tracking system like Google or Facebook… Instead, they use a series of tactics so sneaky that most people don’t even realize it when they sign up.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about casinos tracking you down, how they do it and what they know as a result. Read on to learn more and protect your personal information accordingly.

What are casinos tracking?

It all starts with your IP address. Every time you go online, your device broadcasts an IP address that tells the world where you are. This information is incredibly sensitive and gives casinos a ton of power over you. For example, your IP address is a unique identifier which lets casinos know that you are in their area.

You could be thousands of miles away, but if you’re in the same area as their servers, they’ll know. As if that’s not enough, most people don’t realize that their devices also store cookies.

These are small pieces of code that sit inside your device and track almost everything you do online. They let casinos know where you’re coming from, what you’re interested in and even what device you are using.

How do casinos track you?

We now know that casinos can track you through your IP address and cookies. However, most people have no idea how casinos get their hands on these sensitive details in the first place. This is where the sneaky part of tracking comes into play. To get your IP address, casinos ask you to consent to tracking.

However, what most people don’t realize is that you’re actually consenting to a lot more. Digital fingerprinting is the most common form of tracking casino visitors. It involves storing a unique identifier on your device that is connected to your browser. This unique identifier is a “digital fingerprint” that casinos use to track you.

Casinos use cookies to track you and let you play games without a login. Although beaconing is a rarer form of tracking, it’s incredibly powerful. This involves sending out a signal that can be picked up by others – in this case, casinos.

What can tracking teach casinos about you?

As you can imagine, tracking can teach casinos a lot about you. The more information they have, the better. What does this mean for you? It means that casinos have access to your IP address, browser information and cookies.

From there, they can find out everything about you and your device. For example, casinos can see what other websites you visit, what times you go online, what apps you have installed and what type of device you own.

Why are casinos interested in tracking you?

As you may have guessed, tracking is one of the most lucrative tactics in the casino business. It’s a very standard practice that casinos use to get you to sign up and spend money. While casinos will always have the best intentions (more customers equal more profit), it’s not right that they’re tracking you without your knowledge.

That’s why it’s important to understand how tracking works, so you can protect yourself. Did you know that you can find a casino without SSN?

How to find out if you’re being tracked by a casino

As we’ve seen, tracking is incredibly powerful. What’s more, casinos use a series of tactics to keep you in the dark about it. This makes life difficult for you, but is also a huge red flag. Fortunately, there are ways to find out if you’re being tracked, so you can keep your data safe.

Check your IP address. If you’re in a casino’s area, there’s a very good chance that you’re being tracked. Look at your computer’s cookies. If you’ve been playing games, there’s a chance that you’re being tracked through cookies.

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