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There are many people around that will tell you that there is no way to tell when a slot machine is about to hit. Why then do so many people get lucky with slots while others seem to fail time after time? There are some clues available that may help you out when trying to determine when a slot machine is ready to pay out that you can try out for yourself. See if they work for you and then you’ll know for sure.

Work with the odds

You won’t be able to predict with 100% accuracy when a slot is going to hit but you may be able to make some close predictions when looking at the odds. The first thing you should examine is the volatility of the slot machine you want to play. This will tell you how often winnings can be expected when you’re playing. Slots with high volatility have longer dry spells before big wins get triggered. At the same time, however, the payouts are usually higher.

If you’re looking for smaller payouts that are more frequent, look for low volatility slot machines. It all comes down to personal preference as to which volatility would be right for you.

You should be aware that the casino won’t tell you the volatility of the machines and you’ll need to find out for yourself. Start playing some games and it will become quite obvious. If you don’t want to waste a lot of money learning on your own you can always watch other players to see which machines have low volatility and which ones are higher.

Play where you will be seen

Some players believe that casinos will pay out more and in higher amounts in different locations across the casino. They will play in areas where there is more foot traffic – especially in the parts of the casino where people first walk in. Players always get inspired by other people winning and it’s good advertising for the casino to do it this way. There has never been any proof that this is a workable way to know that the machines are going to hit more often but it certainly makes sense from a marketing point of view.

When was the last payout?

If you see somebody playing on a slot machine for an hour without getting any type of win, you might want to try your luck on the machine. The other player may have run the machine through its dry spell and it may just be waiting to pay out big for the next person. This is your chance to play max bet on that slot. Keep an eye out for machines that haven’t provided winnings for a while and see if this works for you.

Examine the RTP

RTP stands for Return to Player and it is the theoretical amount returned to players based on past statistics. Most slot machines have an RTP that ranges anywhere from 90% up to 96%. If you could find a machine that has a higher RTP than 96%, it may be worthwhile to select this particular one.

Some people get a gut feeling

Although this is in no way related to science, there are some people that can predict when a machine should be paying out soon. Perhaps you know somebody like this. If you haven’t already, try tuning into your instincts to see whether you can get the same type of feeling regarding when the slot machine will hit next. It may take some practice to get in tune with your feelings in this way if you’re not used to it and it may work or it may not. This is one suggestion, however, that costs nothing to try.

Use these tips to help better your chances of winning at the slot machines. Be sure to have fun when you’re using them though since playing the slots should always remain an exciting adventure.

If you’re living in Australia, be sure to search for an Australia no verification casino where you can try out these helpful tips and receive payouts without having to verify your identity.

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