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Are there low wagering casino bonuses? Many online casinos offer attractive bonuses so that they can lure new players. These range from matched deposit bonuses to free spins. The problem with these bonuses is that there are always terms and conditions associated with them that will usually include wagering requirements.

This means that if you win with your free spins or your matched deposit bonus, to claim your winnings you will have to make a deposit and place several wagers. Often, the online casino will specify what games you need to make the wagers on and how much you need to bet each time.

Casinos with low wagering bonuses are not common

When it comes to online casinos, most players are eager to find the best ones that offer the highest payout percentages, lowest wagering requirements and other perks. However, this is easier said than done. Most sites will advertise their bonuses like they’re going to knock your socks off with how generous they’ll be.

In reality, very few sites offer bonuses of any significance unless you happen to be playing on their site more than usual. A lot of online casinos will advertise a bonus after you make your first deposit or play a certain amount within a specific time frame. Because of this, you should always check the wagering requirements before committing to anything else.

If you’re looking for a low-cost way to access tons of different gambling sites without having all of your funds tied up in one place, then an online casino loyalty program may be just what you’re looking for.

These programs usually offer new players special member rates and rewards that increase over time as you continue to play at the site and make deposits using various payment methods such as ewallets or PayPal accounts.

One of the best reasons to do so is because they often have lower wagering requirements than most other casino bonus offers in the industry today. You don’t need to deposit large amounts of money in order to see the benefits of these bonuses.

Understanding wagering requirements

Before we take a look at online casinos with bonuses that have low wagering, it is important that you understand what wagering requirements really are. Online casinos will market their bonuses as free, but they are in the business of making a profit so nothing they do is ever free.

A lot of players choose online casinos with attractive bonuses because they are not in a position to place large bets. With most casino bonuses, the terms and conditions will stipulate that a player must satisfy the wagering requirement to claim any winnings.

What online casinos don’t want players to do is to use free bonuses as a way of not making a deposit. If they allowed their bonuses to be completely free then they would soon go out of business. We have seen wagering requirements as high as 70 times the bonus value. Usually, they are 40 or 50 times.

Overview of the term “low wagering” – what stands behind the name?

As the name suggests, a low wagering bonus will have requirements that are lower than the industry average. A 70 times wagering requirement is high, while a 40 or 50 times wagering requirement is more average.

This means that a low wagering casino bonus will be under 40 times. Typical examples of this are 25 times, 20 times, or even lower. The more established online casinos will usually stay with the average of 40 or 50 times wagering. But there will be some new casinos that will have a low wagering requirement.

There are always exceptions of course. You may be able to find an online casino with a good reputation that has been around for a while offer a low wagering bonus. Most people are unaware of the wagering requirements associated with online casino bonuses and just go with the casino that seems to be offering the most generous bonuses.

But the wagering requirement is very important and after reading this you will understand what to look out for. On rare occasions, some online casinos will offer bonuses that do not have any wagering requirements. These offers don’t appear very often so it is best to look for casinos with low wagering.

Are there online casinos that offer low wagering bonuses?

The simple answer is “yes” there are online casinos that offer low wagering bonuses. Our expert team here at No-Verification.Casino has found these casinos and checked them out to ensure that they are reputable. The team checks that the casinos are licensed and legit and also checks their reputation from reviews and ensures they do not appear on any blacklists.

We will then check the bonuses that are offered and read through the associated terms and conditions to ensure that they are low wagering. Sometimes, online casinos will offer some bonuses that are low wagering, and others that have average wagering requirements.

Next, we will take a look at the range of casino games that the low wagering bonus casinos are providing. Do they have a good selection of slot games? Are the most popular table games available (blackjack, baccarat, and roulette), and if so are there variations of these games? Does the online casino offer live dealer games?

Other checks that our expert team will make include the different payment methods accepted by the low wagering bonus casino, the deposit and withdrawal processes, the quality of the customer support, the different currencies available, is cryptocurrency accepted, and more.

Here are the low wagering bonus casinos that we recommend:

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Which are the best low wagering casino bonuses?

We’ve already recommended our list of the best low wagering online casino bonuses, but what about the best low wagering bonus rates in general? Many sites will offer bonus rates of up to 99.9% to a certain amount, but this is a practice that has been in place for years due to the fact that most players are terrible at math.

Because of this, many bonus providers have actually decided to stop offering these kinds of bonuses in order to avoid a bunch of unhappy customers. One way to keep yourself from falling into this trap is to only look at online casinos that offer the same or similar bonus types.

For example, some online casinos may offer a welcome bonus, a loyalty bonus and a low wagering bonus. These are all different types of bonuses and should be treated as such:

Low wagering deposit bonus

This is when an online casino will offer a bonus on your first deposit. There are many sites that will offer this, so be sure to check the terms and conditions to see what the associated wagering requirements are.

If a low wagering deposit bonus is offered, you’ll be able to make a deposit of as little as $25. Some sites may even offer a lower amount such as $10 or $20. All you need to do to take advantage of this type of offer is to deposit a certain amount of money into your online casino’s account. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be able to access the bonus and begin playing.

Low wagering free spins bonus

Low wagering free spins bonuses are similar to sign-up bonuses in the sense that you don’t need to make a deposit or play certain amounts within a certain time frame in order to qualify for it.

What sets this type of offer apart is the amount of free spins that you’ll receive as a no deposit bonus. Some online casinos will only offer you as little as 5 free spins while others are more generous and will give you as many as 20. If you are satisfied that there are low wagering requirements associated with these free spins then you should go for the bonus.

Are you likely to win with free spins? It depends on the casino. A lot of online casinos will want you to win with your free spins because to claim your winnings you will need to meet the wagering requirements. This means that you need to make a deposit and the chances are that you will lose money doing this.

If the wagering requirement with your free spins is particularly low, then the casino may not want you to win. The only way that you are going to know is to play the free spins and see what happens. In almost all cases, the casino will specify which slot game you can play your free spins on.

Low wagering welcome bonus

The low wagering welcome bonus is exactly what it sounds like. Often, you need to make a certain amount of money within a certain time frame in order to qualify for this type of bonus. The wagering requirements can usually lower than the low wagering deposit bonus.

You’ll probably be required to wager a set amount before withdrawing your winnings. This is one way to ensure that you benefit from low wagering online casino promotions. As always, check out the terms and conditions of any low wagering welcome bonus to see if it is worth it.

Low wagering loyalty bonus

The way this type of offer works is by giving you a percentage of your monthly earnings back in the form of a bonus. This is a way for casinos to keep you as a customer and show their appreciation for you playing at their site. Most loyalty bonuses are tiered and only apply to people who have been depositing for a certain amount of time.

Again, you need to check the terms and conditions associated with low wagering loyalty bonuses. To claim a loyalty bonus, you will usually have to make a number of deposits and there may be other online casinos that offer more generous bonuses and terms.

How to benefit from low wagering online casino promotions

If you want to benefit from the best low wagering online casino bonuses, low wagering deposit bonuses, low wagering free spins bonuses, low wagering welcome bonuses, low wagering loyalty bonuses and low wagering play-thrus, you need to be selective when it comes to online casinos.

The best way to do this is to only play at reputable sites that we have recommended in our list above. You should also only play at sites that are legit and have a good reputation because they know how to stay profitable without constantly offering flashy bonuses in the hopes that one will catch your attention.

You should also be selective with your payment methods. While many online casinos will allow you to use your favorite payment method, you should always make sure to choose the one that will give you the best bonuses. It may be the case that certain payment methods do not have any bonuses associated with them.

Pros and cons of low wagering casino bonuses

The pros of low wagering casino bonuses are:

  • It will cost you less to claim any winnings from your bonuses
  • You can claim winnings from your bonuses in a shorter time
  • You have more chance of making a profit if the wagering requirements are lower

The cons of low wagering casino bonuses are:

  • Any wagering requirement, however low, means that there is a chance that you will lose money
  • There are not many online casinos with low wagering bonuses

Final words

A lot of players at online casinos are unaware that the bonuses they can get for playing always have wagering requirements associated with them. Sometimes, these wagering requirements can be very high (we have seen examples of 70 times the bonus and even higher), but usually they average out at 40 to 50 times the bonus.

The higher the wagering requirement, the more likely you are to lose money overall. Let’s say that you won $20 with your free spins. If you lose more than $20 complying with the wagering requirements of that bonus then you will be out of pocket.

Only select a low wagering bonus online casino from our recommended list above. This is because our team of online casino experts have fully checked out these casinos and they are all legit and safe to play at. Unfortunately, there are some low wagering bonus casinos that are dishonest and will just want to take your money.


Q. What are online casino bonuses with low wagering requirements?

A. All bonuses offered by online casinos will have wagering requirements associated with them. This means that you have to comply with them before claiming any winnings from your bonuses. The lower these wagering requirements are the better

Q. What is the best low wagering bonus online casino?

A. Please refer to our recommended list above. All of the low wagering bonus casinos on this list are legit and have a sound reputation

Q. What are the most popular bonuses with low wagering?

A. The most popular bonuses with low wagering are usually deposit bonuses and free spins

Q. Are there many online casinos with low wagering bonuses?

A. No, most online casinos will offer bonuses with average wagering requirements

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