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Are you looking for Australia online casino that pays out in less than 1 hour? We've tested and selected casino sites that have very fast withdrawals and payout under 1 hour.

Find out which is the best under 1 hour withdrawal casino for Australia 🇦🇺

There’s no worse feeling than playing pokies and actually winning, only to have to wait for a whole day to see the money. And frankly, we’re sick of this mess. Sadly, these practices are too entrenched in the iGaming industry. There is a solution, though — 1 hour withdrawal casinos for Aussies.

But wait, how is this even possible? Why don’t other casinos follow suit? Well, that’s exactly what we’re talking about today. In addition to listing the best 1 hour withdrawal casinos, we’ll explore how these sites work, whether they’re reliable and much more.

So if you’re tired of counting the hours before your withdrawal arrives, bear with us.

Overview of under 1 hour withdrawal casinos – what stands behind the term

Yes, the term itself is pretty telling, but is that all there is to it? Of course not. A site falls into this category only if it pays all players in an hour or less across multiple payment methods, every time.

But how do Australian casinos achieve this? Despite there being many different opinions, most industry experts agree that operational proficiency trumps everything else. In layman’s terms, the site must have an efficient protocol for vetting, approving and sending out withdrawals. The very best 1 hour withdrawal casinos might even share details about their protocols publicly.

Now that you know what it takes for a casino to earn this title, let’s take a look at some examples, shall we?

Which are the best under 1 hour withdrawal casino sites for australian players

There are more quick payout casinos than ever before. Yes, we Aussies are spoilt for choice nowadays, but this also muddies the waters for beginners. With so many casinos fighting for your attention, how do you know which ones to trust?

Thankfully, you have our experts on your side. After countless tests and withdrawal requests, our team finally agreed on what are the top 1 hour withdrawal casinos. We’ve verified their payment protocols with absolute certainty, so you have nothing to worry about. All you have to do is sit back, choose a site and start playing. Sounds good?

• Fast withdrawals AUS

• Up to $2500 AUD bonus

• Fast payout casino Australia

• Under 1 hour payout casino Australia

• Up to $2000 bonus

• Free spins for Australians

• 45% cashback + 30 free spins

• No KYC required

• Withdrawals in less than 60 minutes

1. Maneki casino

Licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, Maneki Casino is a reliable casino through and through. If we had to pick one thing we liked the most, it would definitely be the Gift Calendar. While other sites release promos without announcements, Maneki Casino lets you plan things out.

2. Nightrush casino

Out of all the 1 hour withdrawal casinos in Australia, Nightrush Casino is definitely the most user-friendly. You can enjoy more than 700 games, coming from the likes of NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech and others. For fast payouts, you can always rely on Instadebit. In addition, you can partake in slots tournaments almost every day.

3. 21bit casino

With 10 different cryptos and several quick-paying eWallets, 21bit Casino is the embodiment of efficiency. It’s your quintessential crypto casino, but with the pizzazz of classic slots-centric sites. Even though they have software from all the biggest providers, we love how this casino handles indie studios and integrates them into the amazingly diverse lobby.

4. Rocket casino

A jack off all trades site, Rocket Casino will definitely take you into orbit with a plethora of bonuses, new games and a cheeky VIP program. They also accept cryptos, and all withdrawals are secured and facilitated by the CoinsPaid platform. This ensures all transaction data stays hidden from prying eyes.

What payment methods are the best for withdrawals under 1 hour

It’s no secret that fast payouts are impossible with bank transfers or cards. There’s too much bureaucracy, regulations and unnecessary delays for this to be a thing. So what can you actually use at 1 hour withdrawal casinos in Australia? Try these on for size:

  • Crypto. Although their complex nature can be hard to grasp, cryptos are by far the safest and fastest way to get paid at Aussie sites. Oftentimes, it takes no more than 15 minutes for the blockchain to register and approve your incoming funds. Once you claim the payment, you can either spend the coins themselves, or you can convert them to AUD at a crypto exchange.
  • E-Wallets. eWallets are best defined as electronic storage for players’ funds. Accessing them requires an internet connection, as well a valid email. In addition, they’re one of the top options for privacy-conscious players. By using a card to find your eWallet balance and then using the eWallet for casino deposits, you’ll ensure no casino ever sees your banking credentials.
  • PayPal. This payment option is so highly regarded that even accepting it causes casinos to skyrocket in popularity. It’s arguably the most secure eWallet, and offers a wide range of bonus features.
  • Neteller. Immensely popular amongst professional poker players, this eWallet grew into a proper PayPal alternative. Even though it’s not as widely accepted, it boasts a high level of security, low fees and sub-1-hour payouts.
  • Skrill. Compared to most other eWallets, Skrill is much more user-friendly. Therefore, we’d consider it the best option for absolute beginners and casual players. 
  • Monese. Despite charging monthly fees for using their services, Monese is the perfect shortcut for anyone looking to bypass banks. It’s just not as widely accepted as some other options on this list.
  • Revolut. If you’re a smartphone-only player, Revolut will definitely make your life easier. 1 hour withdrawal casinos in Australia have started accepting it only recently, so it might not be available everywhere.
  • Monzo. Technically a retail bank, Monzo’s goal is to put an end to the banking hegemony and provide Aussie casino players with services such as secure prepaid cards and integration with other payment options.
  • Instadebit. Combining the security of banks with the speed of eWallets, Instadebit is certainly an interesting option, especially if you value privacy and efficiency.
  • Webmoney. Webmoney is great for players that don’t want to complicate things. Also, they have one of the lowest fees in the business, at only 0.8% of each transaction and a

Why some casinos pay under 1 hour and others don’t

Whenever you ask an operator why their site takes too long to pay withdrawals, they come up with all sorts of excuses. Somehow, it’s never their fault! In reality, casinos always have a choice on how they handle payments. Here are the most common reasons why you haven’t received your money in less than an hour:

They want you to play more

When you went out shopping for clothes, did you ever notice how the area by the cash register is hard to navigate, and the lines move slowly? It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. The more time you spend in the store, the more likely you are to make an impulsive purchase. Casinos do the exact same thing.

Think about it for a second — how many players are unwillingly coaxed into making more deposits during those so-called ‘processing periods’? The answer is a lot, and it’s only because operators lie about this being mandatory. It’s a flat-out lie. If 1 hour withdrawal casinos in Australia can do it, everyone can.

Shady practices

Make no mistake: money is the only thing casinos care about. Under normal circumstances, sites gain revenue by providing great services and offering the latest live casino games. However, there’s one problem. That’s slow money, and many operators just aren’t willing to wait or do things by the book.

In fact, they’ll use any and all means to avoid paying you. Just to be clear — we don’t mean paying you on time; we mean at all! Whether it’s alleged suspicious activity, safety issues, asking for documents, or any other fictional excuse, they’ll be more than happy to use it. And the worse part about this? The Terms & Conditions say they’re allowed to do this, and you can’t do anything about it because you clicked ‘Accept.’

Incompetence, irresponsibility and cost-cutting

If your workplace deals with payments, you know that handling such things requires a competent team. Whether it’s management or technical stuff, everything must be in line in order for people to get paid. Of course, casinos are aware of this, but they want to cut costs as much as possible.

So instead of hiring financial experts and outlining protocols, sites use underpaid interns or conduct everything informally. Yes, unfortunately, even the biggest enterprises aren’t immune to penny-pinching. And at the end of the day, it’s the players that get the short end of the stick.

How to find and choose the perfect Australia casino that allows withdrawals under 1 hour?

While we always try to stay on top of things, new casinos are launched almost weekly. If you see a site or two that we haven’t reviewed, you can gain a pretty good impression of them by looking for the following.

  • No ID requirements. Why should you be forced to take a picture of your ID and send it to a stranger? Not only is it very unsafe, but it can take days for a casino employee to review your documents. To avoid this, always check if the casino enforces KYC protocols or not. Consult other players, too.
  • Cryptos. Cryptocurrencies are not only the safest withdrawal method, but they’re also the fastest. In fact, most 1 hour withdrawal casinos in Australia are crypto casinos. There’s no central institution or person manually vetting your withdrawals. You just ask for the money, and the blockchain handles the rest.
  • Game fairness certificates and strong licensing. Fast withdrawals can’t make up for fixed games or shoddy security. So if the casino is licensed by a strict regular, and a third-party auditor has verified them, you have nothing to worry about.

What is the difference between 1 hour wthdrawal Australian casino and same day payout casino?

The main difference between these two types of casinos is mostly in the payment methods they use. If the site doesn’t accept Skrill or cryptocurrencies, it’s technically impossible to guarantee 1-hour withdrawals. Instead, operators settle for the next best thing and promise same-day payouts. Don’t get us wrong, many great Aussie casinos use this practice, but why waste several hours for nothing?

Are there casinos with faster withdrawals than 1 hour?

Believe it or not, they do exist, and they’re called instant withdrawal casinos without verification. Most of the time, they cater for high-rollers, since players with big bankrolls often need to be able to reinvest their winnings at a moment’s notice. Nevertheless, you can still find several options that are more friendly towards casuals.

Why is important to educate yourself for casino withdrawal times

Knowledge is power, that’s why. A player who’s aware of his surroundings and knows what to expect will never be taken off guard. In fact, planning is even more crucial to high-rollers. If you’re handling five to six-digit amounts, you want to know exactly when your money arrives.

Furthermore, knowing how things work behind the scenes will help improve your experience. As you grow more knowledgeable, you’ll be able to quickly find the best 1 hour withdrawal casinos in Australia.

Final words

Waiting days for withdrawals is more annoying than fighting a swarm of mozzies on a hot summer day. And it’s you who can put an end to this. Don’t accept excuses made by greedy casinos — choose one of our recommended 1 hour withdrawal casinos for Australian players. In addition to respecting your time and money, these sites have stellar games and, most importantly, meet our high standards. Give them a go and good luck!


What payment methods can I use to get 1 hour withdrawals?

Cryptocurrencies are the best and most secure way to receive withdrawals in under an hour. In addition, eWallets and some banking gateways offer the same thing. Ask the casino for more details before you register, just in case.

Can players at Australian casinos receive instant withdrawals?

Yes, but only a select few casinos offer instant payouts, and it’s often only for a couple of payment methods.

Which online casino has the fastest withdrawal time in Australia?

21bit Casino and Nightrush Casino are currently at the top of this list, but we wouldn’t count Rocket Casino out just yet. Maneki Casino is yet another compelling option.

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