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If you are looking for casinos without verification from Vietnam then you have come to the right page. In the following lines you will find information about the best casino sites without verification that accept players from Vietnam.
These casinos have gained popularity in recent years mainly because of the rise of crypto currencies as a mass payment method. Crypto transactions have made it possible to do away with the painful verification process and this has made it much easier for both players and casino operators. So when using Vietnamese no verificaiton casinos it is important to use crypto in order to stay anonymous.

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Vietnamese casinos without verification

Lately, there has been more and more talk about so-called no verification casinos, which help gambling enthusiasts enjoy games and bets without any unnecessary verification. Here’s how popular they are in one of the countries with the most developed gambling industry – Vietnam.

Are there online casinos without verification in Vietnam?

Yes! You can take advantage of them both if you are in the Asian country and if you have access to online Vietnamese casinos in another country you are in at a given time.

Which are the best online casinos without verification in Vietnam?

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• $3000 welcome bonus

• No verification process

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• $1000 welcome bonus

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• Fully anonymous

The list includes a number of proven and consumer favourite casinos such as BetOnline,, CloudBet, mbit and Wild Casino!

How do the no verification casinos work for Vietnamese players?

This usually happens through crypto transactions that are untraceable.

Many online casinos that do not require authentication via ID or age allow you to bet online without creating an account. Others allow you to create a basic account with little to no rigorous verification process.

There are also those that use an unregulated currency like bitcoin to facilitate deposits and payouts. Deposits and withdrawals typically use your cryptocurrency wallet, which you can use to purchase bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies via bank transfers, PayPal, or credit card transfers.

What are the gambling laws in Vietnam?

Vietnam no verification withdrawal casino

The country legalized local gambling in 2017. There are eight casinos open to foreign passport holders, with investors looking to open up a larger local customer base.

As part of a three-year experiment, locals are allowed to enter casinos if they can show a monthly income of more than VND10 million (US$449) and are charged a VND1 million entry tax. The country announced plans in 2017 to legalise sports betting.

On 14 June 2018, the National Assembly passed a bill to legalise sports betting under government control. This followed a 2017 decree that legalised betting on international football games, horse racing and greyhound racing. Players must be at least 21 years old, with a minimum bet of 1,000 dong and a maximum of one million dong per day. Players wishing to enter a casino must also be 21 years of age, have permission from their family to do so and have no criminal record.

How do we select Vietnamese casinos without verification?

With the utmost care and professionalism! We test them personally, deposit, withdraw and check if they are trustworthy. That’s why you can completely trust our judgement.

What is the difference between a traditional casino and one without verification?

The differences are few, but entirely to the benefit of users. The main one is that in the more modern and practical online casinos, you can play and bet with complete peace of mind without having to register or share personal details that you would prefer to keep to yourself.

In terms of quality, bonuses and variety of games, the no verification casinos do not compromise in any way and are not at all inferior to the traditional gaming and betting platforms you are used to.

Is it safe to play at such a casino and are they legal?

Absolutely yes!

In terms of security, registration is not the only tool to protect customers from fraud. Yes, there are fraudulent websites for gambling without registration, but there are also bogus and dangerous operators that require verification of your identity. And vice versa.

As always, the reputation of the online casino in question is crucial. So read the fine print and check for credible reviews and review sites before you wager your money at a casino that doesn’t verify your age and identity.

Which cities in Vietnam play the most at online casinos?

In almost every major city in Vietnam, this kind of casinos never stop expanding their popularity and winning the hearts of consumers. The most, as you might expect, is played in the capital city of Hanoi and other major cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Da Nang and others.

Why do Vietnamese seek casinos without verification?

Because they don’t want to share their personal details and pay unnecessary fees. After all, isn’t that what every consumer wants?

Which are the licensed casinos in Vietnam?

There are currently seven licensed casinos in Lao Cai, Mong Cai, Do Son, Bac Ninh, Ha Long and Da Nang. Four complex resorts are now under development, namely Van Don, Nam Hoi An, Phu Quoc and Ho Tram.

The names of the licensed casinos themselves are Do Son Casino, Lilai International Club, Royal Ha Long Casino, Aristo Casino, Crown Da Nang Casino, Ho Tram Strip Casino, Hoi An Casino and Hong Van Mong Cai Casino.

Is gambling tax payable in Vietnam?

As part of a three-year experiment, locals are allowed to enter casinos if they can show a monthly income of more than VND10 million (US$449) and are charged an entry tax of VND1 million.

Advantages and disadvantages of Vietnamese casinos without verification

Skipping the tiresome registration procedures has emerged as a major advantage of using a casino without verification. It turns out that nearly a quarter of customers give up using such a site even before they have completed registration. Only one in three users deposit money and start playing.

The Know Your Customer concept is well established and is used as a safeguard for both bookmakers and customers. But those necessary long forms that need to be filled out are not something anyone wants to waste time on.

So, saving time and effort is the biggest plus when we talk about this kind of modern and practical gambling operators. Moreover, the payment options are secure and simple. More importantly with methods like crypto is that the transfer is accounted for in seconds both ways. This means there is no long wait for the money after ordering an instant withdrawal.

Another plus are the variety of slot games that no user can resist. Slots like Dead or Alive 2 by NetEnt, Davinci Diamonds by IGT or the famous Starburst can be found at Vietnem no verification casinos.

As a minus, it can be pointed out that there is no variety of payment methods on some platforms. However, using cryptocurrency is safe, easy and fast.

Moreover, even if they are called casinos without verification, sometimes the operator insists on one. For example, the bookmaker may ask for confirmation over the phone. In the case of big wins, bettors may have to provide a document from a casino, as they have to do to verify their accounts on a standard gaming and betting website.

Final words

There are three main reasons why players may want to hide their identity from gambling sites. First, from security measures, of course. On any given day, a cybercriminal can attack a gambling website and steal all of the users’ information, including personal details and banking information. If you can only imagine how this could end up if it really happened, then you would never want to provide your personal details for the registration and verification process.

The second reason is probably that you don’t want anyone to know that you are gambling. By everyone we mean your family, friends, bank, government and the whole world. If you are one of those who hide your identity on social networks and only browse in anonymous mode, then no verification casinos will be the best option for you. However, we must warn you that this could be a sign of gambling addiction. Therefore, we advise you to play sensibly and seek help if you feel you have a problem.

There’s another reason why you might want to play and withdraw winnings from casinos that don’t require verification. That is simplicity. Online casinos are fun, the games are fun, the bonuses are fun, but sending in paperwork for long term verification is not at all. It’s so discouraging when you’ve started playing, won a few grand and requested a withdrawal, but eventually the customer service team tells you it’s impossible. Players understand that this is all for security reasons. But who doesn’t want things to happen quickly, easily and conveniently?

Frequently asked questions

How do online casinos work without verification?

Many online casinos that don’t require ID or age verification allow you to gamble online without creating an account. Others allow you to create a basic account with little or no strict verification process.

What payment method should I choose to play at a casino without verification?

The payment option you choose depends on your online casino. The best option would be an e-wallet or a cryptocurrency wallet. Make sure your casino accepts your preferred method before you start playing.

Are casinos safe without verification?

When online casinos don’t ask you to verify your account, that’s fine. Casinos without verification tend to use even more secure technology to prevent identity theft or hacking attacks. So you can rest assured that your undocumented casino is ensuring the safety and security of the site. Just in case though, check out the reviews from other customers too.

Is it still possible for me to be asked for ID?

As a rule, no verification casinos do not ask for your documents before withdrawing and you can get your winnings quickly. However, some online casinos may ask you to provide your ID if the withdrawal amount exceeds the limit.

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