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More and more casino game players are turning to online casino vouchers these days instead of using fiat currency methods such as credit cards and cryptocurrencies to play for real money. Online casino vouchers have been around for a while now but you cannot use them at every casino.

You need to be aware that there are different types of online casino vouchers. Usually, these vouchers are used to claim special bonuses or promotions that the online casino is offering. They are a fast and convenient way to add funds to your online casino balance, which is why they have grown in popularity over the last few years.

What are online casino vouchers?

Normally, an online casino will provide vouchers for players to take advantage of different promotions and bonuses. They usually have a unique code added to them which you will use to redeem the voucher. If you are familiar with online casino bonus codes then the vouchers work very similar to these.

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A lot of online casinos like to issue vouchers as it enables them to stand out in the market with different promotions and bonuses that only they offer. An example for that is Bitdreams casino which offers special gift vouchers for their new players. It is possible for an online casino to offer many different casino vouchers to players. It is important that you know what to look for with casino vouchers which is why our expert team have created this guide.

How do you find online casino vouchers?

The first place to look for an online casino voucher is the official website of the casino that you are playing at. If you cannot find any vouchers for your online casino, contact the support team and ask for their help. They will know if any vouchers are currently available and help you to locate them.

Alternatively, you can perform an online search using your favorite search engine such as Google. Sometimes there are websites that will have a current list of vouchers for specific online casinos. If the online casino you are playing at has its own community forum, this is often a good place to look for the latest vouchers. Probably the best example of gambling voucher is the Paysafecard casino without verification voucher.

Look for casino vouchers that do not require a deposit

One of the best casino vouchers to have is one where you can redeem it without having to make a deposit at the online casino. These vouchers could be for free cash or free spins for example. By redeeming these vouchers, you have the chance to add to your casino balance without parting with any of your money.

We will tell you that it is not always easy to find casino vouchers that do not require you to make a deposit. However, they do exist and we recommend that you search online for them. When you think about it this is free money, which is why most online casinos are reluctant to make these vouchers available.

How to redeem your casino voucher

It is usually a fairly straightforward process to redeem any casino vouchers that you have. You just need to follow the steps below to redeem your vouchers and claim your bonuses:

  1. Find a casino voucher that you want to use
  2. Register a new account with the online casino or login to your existing account if you have one
  3. Navigate to the cashier page on the casino website
  4. When prompted, enter the code for your casino voucher and then confirm redemption
  5. Check to see if your bonus has been added to your online casino account

Most online casinos will have a similar process for redeeming casino vouchers. There will usually be information on the casino website on how to do this. All you need to do is to follow the steps and claim your bonuses. It should all happen very quickly and you will find the bonuses available in your account.

How long are casino vouchers good for?

Our expert team at No-Verification.Casino have found many different online casino vouchers and they usually have quite a long expiry date. It is in the interest of the online casino that issues the vouchers that you should use them to claim any bonuses.

Do casino vouchers expire?

Usually, casino vouchers will have an expiration date. It is very important that you check this to ensure any voucher you try to redeem is still valid. If you try to redeem an expired voucher then this will not work when you enter the code information.

Most bonuses will have associated terms and conditions

Casino vouchers are an effective way for online casinos to attract new players. They sound very attractive on the surface, but you need to be aware that in almost all cases there will be specific terms and conditions associated with the bonuses that the vouchers will provide.

Online casinos are not in the habit of giving away free money. While a casino voucher may seem like it is free money, this is rarely the case. For you to claim any winnings from the bonuses that you receive it is very likely that you will have to comply with a wagering requirement.

With a wagering requirement, you will have to make a deposit at the online casino and then place bets on specific games that the casino requires. Failure to comply with these wagering requirements will mean that you will not be able to claim any winnings from your bonuses. So check the terms and conditions of the bonuses before you redeem any casino vouchers.

Why should you use casino vouchers?

If you are thinking about registering with a new online casino then using a voucher will enable you to try it out first. You can consider most casino vouchers to be no deposit bonuses as you will not usually have to make a deposit to redeem them. This may not apply to all vouchers so check this first.

Final words

Casino vouchers are becoming more popular these days as they provide advantages to both players and the online casinos that issue them. Most casino vouchers are used to obtain bonuses or special promotions from the online casino. Usually, it is very easy to redeem a casino voucher.


Do all online casinos provide vouchers?

No, only some online casinos currently provide vouchers.

Can you redeem casino vouchers using a mobile device?

Yes, you can use your smartphone or tablet to redeem a casino voucher.

Are there expiry dates on casino vouchers?

Yes, most casino vouchers will have an expiry date but these tend to be quite long.

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